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"I pledge by the strange powers which have become mine to fight against injustice, corruption, evil and greed which fills this earth in hopes that somehow my example will be an example to all men!"

Dell Comics published a collection of short lived superheroes springing out of classic horror comics. My favorite was Werewolf, but I realized I hadn't covered the other two comic books, Dracula and Frankenstein. The first issues of each title was the original adaptations of the classic motion pictures. 

Count Dracula, decent from the original Dracula, attempts to discover a cure for brain damage to help clear the family name. When he samples the serum, he has the power to turn into a bat at will. Dracula decides to use his strange super-powers for the good of mankind.

In the last issue, Dracula was joined by another superbat creature, a female assistant known as Fleeta.

Dracula #2
"The Origin of Dracula"
Origin and first appearance of Dracula as a super-hero..
"The Peace Conference"
"Dracula's Pledge"
Written by D. J. Arneson with pencils by Bill Fraccio and inks by Tony Tallarico.

Dracula #3
"Dracula Meets the Master of the Sky"
Dracula comes to America. The plot behind the death dealing weather ships.  

"The Sky Fleet"
"Rain of Terror"
Written by D. J. Arneson with pencils by Bill Fraccio and inks by Tony Tallarico.\


Dracula #4
Last issue.
"The Secret Cave"
Dracula's secret cave.
"The Origin of Fleeta"
Origin and first appearance of Fleeta (B.B. Beebe.)
"Dracula Finds His Specialty"
Written by D. J. Arneson with pencils by Bill Fraccio and inks by Tony Tallarico. 

Notice the rise in price! Common for Dell at the time when reprinting toward the end of the series.

Dracula #6
Reprint of issue #2 (the reason for skipping issue #5 - unknown.)

Dracula #7
Reprint of issue #3.

Another rise in price!
Dracula #8
Reprint of issue #4.

As I've said before, the Silver Age was full of fun times. While perhaps not appealing to all, I found the three series entertaining and rounding out my Silver Age experience.

Warren Publication Dracula with fantastic art by Esteban Moroto!
Talented Tony Tallarico did the art for Lobo, one of the first black comic book heroes!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Frankenstein made an appearance in Dracula #4!

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  1. These are great comics. I have this one and Werewolf. Still haven't been able to get a copy of Frankenstein for a decent price!