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Thrill-O-Rama #3 Fearlessly Presents Pirana Deadliest Creature in all the World! Published by Harvey Thrillers, we were amazed by the adventures of Pirana and his pets, Bara and Cuda facing the villainy of Generalissimo Brainstorm, Murderina Mermaid and the Human Anchor.

Edward Yates, an Oceanography Institute research scientist offered himself as a guinea pig in an wild experiment designed for humans to live under water. Now transformed by a freak accident, Yates could never live on land again. Trying to see the positive side of every situation, he decided to use his super power for good as Pirana, fighting crime with his new fish friends, wait for it, Bara and Cuda.

Pirana came with a super villain, Generalissimo Brainstorm, who was at least as interesting as the hero himself. As the series opened, the Generalissimo had recently been deposed as dictator of an unspecified country. He still had his minions, however, whom he ordered around by telepathy, enforcing it with mental domination. Brainstorm was also a tactical genius. His mental activity was accompanied by crackles and sparks around his head, which were capable of powering a radio. 

Thrill-O-Rama #3
Story told in 3, five page parts:
Part One: The Escape of Brainstorm
Part Two: Death Kiss In the Deep
Part Three: Fish In the Iron Masks

Written by Otto (Avengers Battle the Earth Wrecker) Binder with Jack (Around the World Under the Sea) Sparling art (the creators of Pirana.)

So, recently I came upon a proposed cover for further adventures of Pirana. Just like Jigsaw, too bad this never saw print.

Comic Book Artist #19 spotlights Harvey Comics! Such comics luminaries as Jack (3 Rocketeers) Kirby, Jim (Spyman) Steranko, Will (The Spirit) Eisner, Al (Clawfang) Williamson, Gil (Tiger Boy) Kane, Wally (Earthman) Wood, Reed (Spyman) Crandall, and many other greats produced great work for the publisher! We examine their contributions in-depth with a special focus on Joe Simon's "Harvey Thriller" line with such Silver Age greasts as Spyman, Jigsaw, Tigerboy, Miracles, Inc., Earthman and Clawfang the Barbarian

Page from the Comic Book Artist #19 article!

For a couple of months, we had an underwater hero to root for other than Aquaman. Loved it! Loved the logo. 

Appears to be Joe Simon art for unpublished cover!

Live Large My Friends!

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