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Dark Horse Comics published a fantastic short lived horror anthology worth noting. Strange Wink. There were John (Army of Darkness, Marada, Kull) Bolton painted covers with great Bolton art in all stories. Amazing scripts were from Bolton, Ann (Daredevil) Nocenti, Graham (Motormouth) Marks & Nicolas (Hellraiser) Vince.
Goblin Market!

Oscar Hellion!

Strange Wink #1
This issue includes "Oscar Hellian," a detective in Hollywood in the early stages of the movie industry who comes up against all sorts of supernatural weirdness; "The Erlking," an adaptation of a poem by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe about a mysterious otherworldly figure who spirits away children in the night and a graphic adaptation of Christina Rossitti's classic "Goblin Market.
Reprinted from A1 #4.
Reprinted from Pathways to Fantasy #1 (outstanding Barry Windsor-Smith cover.)

Strange Wink #2
Short stories ranges from the classical ("Faust") to the comical ("Fighting Words") to the downright creepy ("Bad Bread"). Not for the weak of heart, only for the strong of mind.
Reprinted from A1 #1.
Reprinted from Epic Illustrated #24.
Reprinted from A1 Bikini Confidential #1.
Reprinted from Asylum #1.

Strange Wink #3
Working with a variety of writers, John presents masterwork tales of horror. Insane experiments, the minds of madmen, and deformed specimens of humanity are all subjects of John's exquisite brush.
Reprinted from A1 #3.
Reprinted from A1 #1.
Reprinted from A1 #2.
Three page gallery.

Art from "Faust".
Art from "Goblin Market"
Art from "Goblin Market"

Many of these stories have been out of print for years, and this is the only place to get them. You'd do well to check this series out.

Maybe you can even find the amazing DVD, Neil Gaiman's Short Film on John Bolton! A Gem! Highly Recommended! John Bolton is one of our finest comic book artists. 

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You. 

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