Friday, August 28, 2015


Big Hero Adventures presented the first issue of Jigsaw, the Man of a Thousand Parts, from Harvey Thrillers, who gave us memorable comics such as Spyman, Bee-Man & Jack Q. Frost.

Astronaut Gary Jason (calls himself Johnson at one point) was placidly orbiting, when his space capsule was battered and shattered by a stream of boulders, tree trunks and other debris rising out of Siberia. Without even a space suit to shield him from the surrounding vacuum, he was sucked, along with the rest of the flotsam, into a laboratory beneath the lunar crater Ptolemy.

Fearful of being perceived as enemies of Earth, the aliens running the place, Si-Krell and Plentha, repaired his smashed body with parts they had lying around, making him (with the inexplicable exceptions of his head and hands) look like a human-shaped pile of jigsaw puzzle parts, hence the name Jigsaw. In his souped-up body he was as pliable as Plastic Man and as strong as The Hulk, so when he got back to Earth he went into the superhero business. 

Jigsaw #1
"A Nightmare in Space"
First appearance & origin of Jigsaw
Written by Otto (Spyman) Binder with art by Tony (Werewolf) Tallarico.


Masterful Otto Binder wrote most of the Harvey Thrillers while Talented Tony Tallarico is most notable for his work on the Dell Comics Dracula, Frankenstein & Werewolf series. I enjoyed this talented combination. 

My person favorite novel from Otto Binder, with a superb Robert McGuiness cover!
Steranko's Spyman was also a personal favorite of mine from Otto Binder!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Dell Comics' Werewolf was a personal favorite of mine from Tony Tallarico!


  1. Too bad Bee-Man, Tiger Boy, Spyman, Jigsaw, Jack Q. Frost, and Piraña never teamed up together as Harvey's resident super squad. I'd buy that.

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