Monday, August 24, 2015


“We double-dare you to resist the attacking bees!”

Giant Size Double-Dare Adventures #1 & #2, from Harvey Thrillers, Presents A Big Double Feature starring Bee-Man from writers Otto Binder (creator) & Dick Wood and artists Bill Draut (creator) & Dick Ayers. I was hooked with the first issue's Bill Draut fantastic artwork. Joe Simon & Jack Sparling drew the catchy covers.

NASA technician Barry E. Eames, (initials B.E.E.!) feeling underappreciated, sabotaged a space probe returning from Mars, hoping to capitalize on whatever valuable commodity it might contain. Stung by Martian bees that had returned within the craft, which resembled a meteorite, he developed super strength and an ability to rapidly self-heal.

Escaping from authorities, Eames returned to the craft, where he was kidnapped to the Martian satellite Deimos. There, giant bees imprisoned him, informed him they planned to conquer Earth, and inexplicably granted him a costume with bee-themed weapons.

Barry escaped to Earth, where he sided with the bee-like conquerors. Government scientists cured him of the psychological condition that caused his betrayal of humanity, and he went to work, as Bee-Man, for an organization called the F-Bee-I.

Double-Dare Adventures #1
"The Origin of Bee-Man"
Written by Otto (Spyman, Jack Q. Frost) Binder with Bill (Spyman, Jack Q. Frost) Draut art. 
Joe (Captain America, Fighting American) Simon cover.  

Original cover for issue #2!

Double-Dare Adventures #2
"The Revolt of the Queen Bee"
Bee-Man reforms and goes to work for the F-Bee-I.
Written by Dick (Jet Dream, Blackhawk) Wood with art by Dick (Spyman, Ghost Rider) Ayers.  
Cover by Joe Simon & Jack (Pirana) Sparling.

Original art from issue #1!

Even though it lasted only two issues, I loved the Bee-Man annual sized comic book. Great to see the twist of character in a classic Silver Age comic book. The Harvey Thrillers will always hold a special place in my memories.

As far as I know, a cool, unpublished Harvey Thrillers splash page!

Can you imagine - an unpublished Wally Wood cover? - me neither!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!  

Bee-Man powers!
Nothing cooler than a secret lair!


  1. I got Bee-Man for $1. Truly bizarre comic book. I wish Harvey would collect their super heroes like Bee-Man, Piraña, Jigsaw (was that the name?), and Spy-Man where I can read them in all their glory.

  2. Did Bee-Man and Piraña team up?!