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Charlton Comic's The Bionic Woman was based on the popular TV series, with interior & cover artwork by Jack (Secret Six) Sparling. It ran for five issues. Based upon the 1976-1978 television series starring Lindsay Wagner, a spin-off from The Six Million Dollar Man.

Tennis pro Jaime Sommers is nearly killed in a skydiving accident. Her life is saved by Oscar Goldman and Dr. Rudy Wells, with bionic surgical implants similar to those of The Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin. As a result of Jaime's bionics, she has amplified hearing in her right ear, a greatly strengthened right arm and stronger, enhanced legs which enable her to run at speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour.

Interesting trivia: The final episode of the Bionic Woman TV series was acknowledged to have been inspired by The Prisoner with Jaime similarly being pursued by entities concerned about the secret information she possesses.

The Bionic Woman #1  All New!
"Rico, Come Home"
Jaime Sommers comes to the aid of one of her students when an attempt is made to kidnap him.
This story is credited with establishing the erroneous meaning for OSI, "Office of Strategic Intelligence" (in the TV series it was Office of Scientific Information).
Pg. 1 includes a "cutaway" view of Jaime's bionics presented in similar fashion to the image of Steve Austin used in both origin stories published in Charlton's Six Million Dollar Man comic book & magazine.
"Weaker Sex?"
In order to help keep Jaime's bionics a secret, Oscar orders that they be reduced in power between missions, with potentially deadly results.
Features one of the only times in TV, comics or print that Jaime holds a gun.
Editorial recapping the history of the Bionic Woman TV series and of the character Jaime Sommers.
"Birth of the Bionic Woman"
Text, with illustrations, including one taken from earlier in the issue, but reversed.
"They are Going to be Collector's Editions"
Promo ad for back issues of Charlton's Six Million Dollar Man magazine.

The Bionic Woman #2  All New!
"The Freedom Way"
"Deep Danger"
"A Job for a Woman"
Text story with illustrations. 

The Bionic Woman #3  All New!
"A Dying Breed"

Jaime Sommers goes undercover as a tavern waitress in Alaska to obtain information on who is setting bombs off on the Alaskan pipeline.
Jaime's name is incorrectly spelled "Jamie" in this story.
"The Rescue"
Jaime rescues a little boy from a blazing building.
Text story with three illustrations. 

The Bionic Woman #4  All New!

"The Deadly Maze"
This issue and #5 were published after the TV series had aired its final episode. 

"Sea Chase"
Text story.

The Bionic Woman #5   All New!
"Operation "Fish Net""
"A Very Important Appointment" 
Text story.

Fantastic Neal Adams' cover!
A Bionic Woman (Jaime Sommers) behind the scenes features published in The Six Million Dollar Man magazine #2 (terrific Neal Adams cover) & #5.

There was nothing that came of this Bionix preview feature!

Maximum Press' Asylum #6 featured a Bionix story with both Steve Austin & Jamie Sommers. 
Script by Rob Liefeld & Robert Napton 
Pencils by Brian Denham with inks by Norm Rapmund
Oscar remembers the Six Million Dollar Man & Bionic Woman as he retires.
Black and white story.
This series also featured Battlestar Galactica, Megaton (Don Simpson) Man & Lady (Terry Moore) Supreme.
There was only one Berkley Medallion paperback I've come across for The Bionic Woman.

Birth of the Bionic Woman from issue #1!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
The Bionic Woman action figure doll!

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