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Charlton Comic's Thunderbolt was a series of eleven comics. The series was written by Denny O'Neil (as Sergius O'Shaughnessy) Pete (creator of Thunderbolt) Morisi & Pat Boyette with art by Pete (Johnny Dynamite) Morisi & Pat (Peacemaker) Boyette. Pete Morisi & Pat Boyette illustrated the dynamic covers. 

Thunderbolt is Peter Cannon, brought up by monks in the mysterious East, he is brought to the peak of mental and physical perfection. His powers include extreme strength, incredible stamina & agility. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and in acrobatics and mind over matter. The series is notable for containing some of the earliest respectful invocations of Eastern mysticism in American pop culture.

Cannon, orphaned son of an American medical team, was raised in a Himalayan lamasary, where his parents had sacrificed their lives, combating the dreaded Black Plague! After attaining the highest degree of mental and physical perfection, he was entrusted with the knowledge of the ancient scrolls, that bore the secret writings of past generations of wise men! From them he learned concentration, mind over matter, the art of activating and harnessing that unused portion of the brain, that made seemingly fantastic feats possible!

Then, Peter returned to America, with his faithful friend Tabu and sought out a new life, in a new land, that required the emergence of Peter Cannon…Thunderbolt!

Thunderbolt #1  The Origin!

"Peter Cannon...Thunderbolt" 
Introduction page.
"Origin of an Avenger"
The introduction page and the 19-page Thunderbolt story have one job number and page numbering. They are indexed separately because they have separate writing credits and story titles. Thunderbolt feature next in Thunderbolt #51.

Thunderbolt #51  The Darts of Doom...Spears of Flame...Daggers of Death!
"The Evil that is Evila" 
Continues from Thunderbolt #1, numbering continues from Son of Vulcan series.

Thunderbolt #52  T-Bolt meets Gore the Man-Ape! T-Bolt Battles in the Ape Arena!
"Gore, the Man Ape"
"Judomaster's Self Defence" 
Judomaster story by Frank McLaughlin.

Thunderbolt #53  Can T-Bolt Fight His Way Out of the Lair of Tong?
"Enter the Tong"
"Captain Atom's Secret" 
Captain Atom teaches about Atomic Power.
Captain Atom feature, reprinted in DC Comic's Action Heroes Archives Vol. 1, by Frank McLaughlin. 

Thunderbolt #54  T-Bolt Meets the Hooded One, the Mongol Bandits, the Pygmy Warriors!
"This One's for Tabu"
"Behold...the Sentinels"
Introducing the Sentinels: Mentalia (Cindy Carson), Brute (Crunch Wilson) & Helio (Rick Strong)
All Sentinels stories written by Gary Friedrich with Sam Grainger artwork. 

Thunderbolt #55  T-Bolt Makes his Move...As the Tiger Leaps!
"Where Stalks the Mummy"
"Beware...The Menacing Mind-Bender"
Sentinels back-up feature.

Thunderbolt #56 
"Beware...the Cobra"
Flashbacks of previous special cases. 
After looking at his old cases files that Tabu has been keeping, Thunderbolt stops a slave ring ran by a man named the Cobra. The Cobra uses a mind control potion he invented in order to keep his victims compliant.

Thunderbolt #57  Face of the Dragon!
"Face of the Dragon"
Thunderbolt and Tabu encounter a magical warlord with the face of a dragon. Thunderbolt's origin is briefly retold in 3 panels.
"If This be...Triumph"
Sentinels back-up feature. 
Reprint in Modern Comic minus one story page

Thunderbolt #58  Enters the Prehistoric Valley...Lost in Time!
"Encore" The Hooded One"
Peter Cannon fights Dinosaurs, Lions and a Giant Ape to rescue Lori Carson from The Hooded One.
When this story was reprinted in the Modern Comics version one page was removed from the story.
"In the Lair of the...Mind_Bender"
The Sentinels stop Mind-Bender from controlling Sarge Steel only to have one of their own fall into the Mind-Bender's control.
"Charlton Action-Heroes On Sale Now"
Promo ad for Thunderbolt, Peacemaker, Judomaster, Captain Atom & Blue Beetle.

Thunderbolt #59  T-Bolt Meets the Assassins!
Pages 1 and 2 printed out of order.
"Night of Doom"
Sentinels back-up feature. 
"Action-Heroes We Got 'em"
Promo ad for Thunderbolt; Peacemaker; Judomaster; Blue Beetle & Captain Atom.

Thunderbolt #60  When Flies the Dragon!
"When Flies the Dragon"
The Prankster back-up feature.

Back-up features The Sentinals, written by Gary Friedrich with art by Sam Grainger & The Prankster, written by Denny O'Neil (as Sergius O'Shaughnessy) with art by Jim Aparo were part of the series.

Modern Comics came out with reprints of Thunderbolt #57 & 58. This series reprints the same series, with one story page deleted, from Charlton Comics.
According to some reports, all the issues were published at the same time. According to other reports, these were produced to be sold specifically in comic 3-packs to department stores.

An illustration of Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt by Pete Morisi was included in the Charlton Portfolio. He also appears on the back of the wraparound cover by Don Newton & Bob Layton. 

Peter Cannon was the basis for Watchmen's Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias after DC Comics took over the Charlton superheroes. 

Be sure not to miss Comic Book Artist #9 magazine, from ToMorrows! Features on Charlton Comic's Action Heroes. Dynamic Dick Giordano cover! Includes interviews with Dick Giordano, Pete Morisi, Denny O'Neil, Pat Boyette, Jim Aparo, Joe Gill, Frank McLaughlin & even Alan Moore, regarding the Watchmen connection! 

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Other than the Modern Comics, I have not seen Thunderbolt reprinted. Too bad Thunderbolt hasn't gotten the treatment Captain Atom & Blue Beetle have. It would be good to see.
Live Large My Friends!

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Variant cover for the first issue in the Dynamite Entertainment series!

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  1. Thunderbolt is one of my favorites. I only wish PAM were more reliable and able to meet deadlines and this series had gone on much longer. Not a fan of the latter day long pants costume.