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Charlton Comic's Vengeance Squad ran a moderately successful six issues with the last two issues of the series reprinted under the Modern Comics imprint. The Squad consisted of Eric Redd, Candy Orr & Tulsa Coyle. Most of the stories were written by prolific scribe Joe Gill with great artwork by Pete (Thunderbolt) Morisi.

I always liked the Vengeance Squad, a nice mix of mystery and martial arts. This was a welcome addition since the Fightin' 5 disappeared.

The Vengeance Squad was a private investigation/security agency run by Eric Redd, an ex-Treasury agent, who served six years in a federal prison on a bum rap after he gathered evidence against "a labor biggie." He "graduated from the slammer with a magna cum laude in crime...and an enduring hatred for most criminals!" Aiding and abetting Redd in his cases were Candy Orr,  "a policewoman who learned that justice doesn't always triumph", and Tulsa Coyle, a "burly Vietnam veteran" who loves violence most, next to Candy.

The Vengeance Squad seems to take on criminals without resorting to firearms, although there seems to be a lot of karate kicks and judo chops flying around, not to mention a lot of high-tech (for the time) equipment. The Squad must be doing well, though, because they work out of a mansion in the Palisides area and Eric has a collection of antique automobiles. 


Vengeance Squad  #1
"Tycoon for the Taking"
Written by Joe Gill with cover and story Frank Bolle artwork.
"The Inheritance"
All Mike Mauser stories written by Nicola Cuti with art by Joe Staton.
Mike Mauser back-up feature.

Vengeance Squad  #2
"The Informer"
Written by Joe Gill with cover & story artwork by Pete Morisi (PAM.) 
"The Hit"
Mike Mauser back-up feature.

Vengeance Squad  #3
"The Octopus"
Leo Mench, The Octopus and his mob try to take over Candy Orr's hometown.
Written by Joe Gill with cover & story artwork by Pete Morisi (PAM.)
"The Understudy"
Michael Mauser is hired to determine who is trying to kill actress Hilda Collier.

 Vengeance Squad  #4
"Satana's Paradise" 
Written by Joe Gill with cover & story artwork by Pete Morisi (PAM.)
"Cement Galoshes"
Mike Mauser text story.  
"To Be Frank"
Mike Mauser back-up feature.  
 Vengeance Squad  #5
"Death is Driving"
The Vengeance Squad takes on Mr. Poleau and his Heroin smuggling ring.
"The Frame" 
Mauser is hired to retrieve a painting.
"Rule of Fear"
Text story with illustrations reprinted from Vengeance Squad #3 and #4 stories.

Vengeance Squad  #6  Candy Orr has been taken prisoner! Could the Vengeance Squad save her from certain death?
"The Diamond Queen"
The Vengeance Squad is hired as security by Stefanie Otokopoulos.
Written by Joe Gill with cover & story artwork by Pete Morisi (PAM.)  
"The Big Pigeon"
Vengeance Squad text story.
Mauser must find the vigilante who is starting a Gangwar.

This Modern Comics series reprinted the same Vengeance Squad comics from Charlton. According to some reports, all issues were published at the same time. According to other reports, these were produced to be sold specifically in comic 3-packs.

The Mike Mauser stories were reprinted in First Comic's The Original E-Man and Mike Mauser #2, #3, #5 & #7 comic books.  

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  1. Gotta love that PAM art! if only he had done more Thunderbolt! I have this series. Good stuff.