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Wally Wood was one of the best, the greatest comic book artists we ever had the opportunity to enjoy. I never knew a time his artwork was not top notch. He's a big part of the reason we have comic books to live out in our dreams.
Heroes, Inc. is one of my favorite high adventure comic books of Wally Wood. It was also the hardest comics to find as well. Along with T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, it really opened me up to the work of Wally Wood.  
Heroes, Inc. (comic book)
Sported fantastic covers by Wally Wood.
Small press item from artist/publisher Wallace 'Wally' Wood, sold at Army PXs.
"Without warning at a top-secret U.S. development center..."
Cannon by Wally Wood & Steve Ditko.
When Jean Voss is kidnapped by Chinese communists for her anti-missile defense secrets, the US government sends in Cannon to rescue her.
"Endless space... eternal void, silent and vast, seemingly as unchangeable as time..."
The Misfits by Wally Wood & Ralph Reese.
Three misfits, an android (Mystra), a mutant (Glomb) and an alien (Shag), escape from a government laboratory and team together to defeat an alien invasion of Earth.
"Once Upon a Time..." 
Dragonella by Wally Wood & Ron Whyte
Raised by dragons, Dragonella grows to adulthood. Accompanied by St. George the dragon, she sets off in search of a prince to marry.
Article about Medal of Honor winner Robert E. O'Malley.


Heroes, Inc. #2  (magazine)
"Dynamo" pin-up by Wally Wood.
A full-page illustration on the inside front cover.
"The Misfits" by Wally Wood.
Reprinted in World of Wood #1
"The Black Angel" by Mike Vosberg & Roger Stern. 
"Kadavahr the Resurrected" by John Byrne.
Double-page centerfold illustration.
"Hotel Nacional..."
Cannon by Wally Wood.
Reprinted in Cannon, from Fantagraphics, along with the cover to this issue.
"The Punisher"
Full-page illustration, unsigned, on inside back cover.
"Animan" pin-up by Wally Wood.
Full-page illustration on back cover.

Cannon was collected & published by Fantagaphics Books in softcover and hardback. Under the Eros Comics imprint, Fantagraphics published an eight issue Cannon series.

I always enjoyed this tidbit & how true it is!
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  1. Thank you mister ! Love Wallace Wood works.

  2. Hard to find? My comic shop had like 20 of these in the dollar bin. I'd say it is worth maybe 25 cents as the stories were not good.