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He rides the marshes like a demon ghost, striking terror in the hearts of evil men throughout the land!

Walt Disney's Scarecrow of Romney Marsh was adapted for the comics by Gold Key Comics. An interesting read. This is where I came across Patrick (Secret Agent, The Prisoner) McGoohan for the first time, loving his portrayal in the motion picture.
The Reverend Doctor Christopher Syn is the smuggler hero of a series of novels by Russell Thorndike. Syn is the vicar of Dymchurch, aka The Scarecrow

In the Disney TV (mini-series) films: Part One dealt with the arrival of General Pugh, who had been ordered by the War Office to smash the smuggling ring and the efforts of The Scarecrow to rescue a Dymchurch man who had been captured by the Naval Press-gang and used by General Pugh as bait in a trap.

Part Two centered around how The Scarecrow dealt with the traitorous Joe Ransley.

Part Three showed how The Scarecrow rescued Harry Banks, Squire Banks' eldest son, a press-ganged man who had escaped from the Navy and American Simon Bates from General Pugh's clutches in Dover Castle.
Another one of Gold Key's terrific back cover pin-ups!
Scarecrow of Romney Marsh #10112-404  He rides the marshes like a demon ghost, striking terror in the hearts of evil men throughout the land!
"The Scarecrow"
Introductory page with six movie stills and text; in black and white on inside front cover.
"Walt Disney's The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh"
Adaptation of three-part Disney TV show; following issues are titled The Scarecrow.
Written by Eric Freiwald with art by Dan Spiegle.
"The Scarecrow Pin-Up"
Back cover, same as front cover, without title.
Painted by Sam Savitt. 

Scarecrow #2  From marsh to highland goes the cry...Beware the False Demon Ghost!
Inside front cover. Three photos from TV series with text (lyrics of song Scarecrow! Scarecrow!
"Beware the False Demon Ghost"
Doctor Syn and his young sidekick protecting innocent villagers from corrupt government officials and soldiers.
"The Tattered Cloak"
Introduces Maude Higham, Dr. Syn's aunt. 

Patrick McGoohan as The Scarecrow full page photo.
Inside back cover. Full-page still of The Scarecrow on horseback, aiming a pistol.
"The Scarecrow Pin-Up"  
Back cover. Same painting as front cover, but minus logo, text, and photo inset.
Painted cover by Sam Savitt.  

Scarecrow #3  A Fugitive, Unjustly Accused of Treason, is Aided by a Daring Girl. And the Scarecrow's Night Riders! 
"The Scarecrow meets King George"
Three stills from the move The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh as an introduction to the following story; in black and white on inside front cover.
"The Scarecrow meets King George"
Story with art by Dan Spiegle.
"Man of Two Faces"
Dr. Syn aka The Scarecrow
Black and white photos, on inside back cover.
"The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh"
On back cover. Same illustration as one used on front cover.
Painted cover by George Wilson.

Disney came out with a paperback novel adaptation of the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh movie from writer Vic Crume.

The first issue was reprinted in Walt Disney Showcase #53 without the pin-up on the back cover.

I found it very interesting that Doctor Syn appears in the DC Comic's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series, as a member of the league. He can be spotted in one of the portraits hanging on the wall in M's library.

There was a 45 record released of the theme song for The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh

I fondly remember the movies, man, that mask was scary! I would highly recommend them!

The original novel that started it all!
Scarecrow art by Brett Blevins!
Our jolly cast of characters!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Who's scarier? This Scarecrow or our Scarecrow of Romney Marsh?
Scarecrow of Romney Marsh by Dan Spiegle!
Another Dan Spiegle masterpiece!

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