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Gold Key came out with 4 issues of Gerry Anderson's Supercar. Two stories in each issue were written by the prolific Paul S. (Doctor Solar) Newman with art by Ray (original Blue Beetle) Osrin. George Wilson provided the fantastic painted cover for the first issue with Mel (Professor Harbinger, Doctor Solar) Crawford was credited with providing the last issue's great painted cover. Pin-ups of the painted covers graced the back covers. 
Great Mel Crawford cover to Star Trek #59!

Supercar was a science-fiction television program running 39 episodes. It was the first of Gerry Anderson's shows to be given the Supermarionation label. (However, it only acquired this label in the second season.) The series centered around Supercar, a vehicle versatile enough to travel to any environment. With Mike Mercury behind the controls, Supercar was used to carry out daring rescues.

Ad for the English comic book!

Supercar, a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing craft) was invented by Rudolph Popkiss and Horatio Beaker and piloted by Mike Mercury. On land, it rode on a cushion of air rather than wheels. Jets in the rear allowed it to fly like a jet and retractable wings were incorporated in the back of the car. Retrorockets on the side of the car slowed the vehicle. The car used "Clear-Vu", which included an inside television monitor allowing the occupant to see through fog and smoke. The vehicle was housed in a laboratory and living facility at Black Rock, Nevada.

In the show's first episode, "Rescue", the Supercar crew's first mission is to save the passengers of a downed private plane. Two of the rescued, young Jimmy Gibson and his pet monkey, Mitch, are invited to live at the facility and share in the adventures.

Supercar #1  Mike Mercury follows the trail of a stolen space capsule! Under the oceans...or high in the travels anywhere! on the land or on's the marvel of the age!
"The Stolen Space Capsule"
The Supercar team then gets a call to find a stolen space capsule, which has been stolen by Masterspy and Zarin.
"Magic Carpet Rescue" 
Dr. Beaker goes missing on an expedition to check ruins in Arabia. He was invited by King Sanu, who has disappeared and the throne taken over by his brother Darf. Darf has imprisoned Beaker and is holding him hostage in exchange for Supercar.

Supercar #2  Mike Mercury faces the challenge of his career as Supercar tries to free a nuclear submarine from the Polar Icecap!
"The Rebels Hide-Out"
An old statue is found, sent by the king of Shigun as a gift ‘to any American museum’, asking for the Supercar teams’ help. 
"The Sabotaged Sub" 
The ‘newest nuclear submarine’ gets jammed 200 feet below polar ice on its trial run. The men make it to the surface okay but there is heavy fog, so Naval Command calls Supercar’s secret base for help.

Supercar #3  Supercar roars out of control into the fury of a raging volcano!
"A Dangerous Rescue"
Investigating a volcano about to erupt, Dr Beeker lands near it's base to set up recording devices while Mike Mercury flies Supercar around to the other side to plant more sensors.
"The Mystery Satellite" 
A U.S. military satellite circling the earth suddenly blows up. 

Supercar #4  With a stranger at the controls, Supercar flies into the deadly crossfire of American planes and rockets!
"Tricked and Tracked"
The Supercar Team receives a distress call from a blizzard-bound hospital. They have a serum destined for Eluthi Island in the South Pacific.

"Captive of the Dragonmen"
A small ship steaming along the foggy China Sea, suddenly they go on alert as a fast ship is on a collision course. They turn, however, the fast ship pulls up alongside and they are boarded by pirates, the ‘Dragonmen’. 

All in all, the comics captured the show's flavor well. The show was fun, suspenseful and amazing to a young viewer. It still holds up well even watching it now. I recommend both the show and the comic book. 

Original George Wilson cover for Supercar #1!
Artist Evi De Vie adds the finishing touches on Supercar #2 painted cover recreation!

Supercar design by Reg Hill!

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