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The moon was spiraling out of control!

Starlog was a fantastic magazine in it's time!

Space: 1999 was a fantastic Charlton Comic's series spanning 7 issues. Written by Nicola (E-Man) Cuti with Joe Staton, John (Rog 2000) Byrne & Pat (Spookman) Boyette art. Based on the Gerry Anderson TV series starring Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. Issues #1 & #2 had great painted covers by Joe Staton. John Byrne illustrated the covers for issues #3-#6 with a terrific painted Pat Boyette cover on the last issue, #7.

Space: 1999 #1
"Moonless Night"
The Moon is blasted out of orbit and begins to wander through interstellar space.
Adapting the origin section of the 1st episode.
"The Kammerer Effect"
Tezt story by Nicola Cuti & Tom Sutton. 

Space: 1999 #2
"The Stars"
Tezt story by Nicola Cuti.

Space: 1999 #3
"Bring Them Back Alive"
Begins John Byrne cover & art.
"The Space Sirens"
Space: 1999 text story with illustrations reprinted from the first story in issue #1.

 Space: 1999 #4
"Demon Star"
"The Micron Metamorphosis"
Space: 1999 text story.

Space: 1999 #5
"Gods of the Planet Olympus"
"The Contaminator"
Space: 1999 text story. 
Staton illustration reprinted from the main story in issue #2.

Space: 1999 #6
"The Presence"
Space: 1999 text story with John Byrne illustrations from issue #5.

Space: 1999 #7
"The Metamorph"
Written by Mike Pellowshi.
Cover & art by Pat Boyette.
Adapting the origin of Maya from the 2nd season 1st episode.
"Escape from Vipon"
Written by Mike Pellowshi.
Art by Pat Boyette.
"Primitive Planet"
Space: 1999 text story with Joe Staton illustrations from issue #2.

Charlton Comics also came out with a Space: 1999 magazine around the same time period. It ran for 8 issues. Stories were written by Nicola Cuti & Mike Pellowski, with painted covers & interior art by the great Gray (Chilling Adventures in Sorcery)  Morrow. Other artists included Vicente (Red Circle Sorcery) Alcazar, Dick (Ghost Rider) Ayers, Pat (Peacemaker) Boyette & Carl (Alien Legion) Potts. There were articles about the show itself to accompany the stories.

I recommend the E.C. Tubb books & the Making of Space: 1999!

Pocket Books published a series of Space: 1999 novels, adapting first season episodes of the television show. Later in the series, original novels were incorporated. Warner Books picked up the Space: 1999 second season adaptation novels. Some of the novels were less inspired than other, but there were a number of the books that really opened up the imagination of the series. 

There were a couple of Space: 1999 Power Records released, as well as trading cards, scale models (of which can be found today) and other memorabilia.


Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 
Man, Joe Staton did some great painted covers!

I always love a good Pat Boyette painted cover!

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