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Sabotage of Hitler's ingenious weapons of mass destruction...the V1 and V2 rockets! 

Once it's the top screen adventure of the year! 

A new high in high adventure! 

Operation Crossbow Original Jack Sparling art for page 1!

Dell Comics Movie Classics #590 Operation Crossbow. Art by Jack Sparling. Painted movie art cover featuring Sophia Loren, George Peppard, Richard Johnson, Tom Courtenay, John Mills, Trevor Howard & Lilli Palmer. 

The author, Richard Wormser, also wrote Wild Wild West and Green Hornet paperbacks as well!

The motion picture & comic book is inspired by the real-life Operation Crossbow (aka The Great Spy Mission.) It's a suspenseful, gut wrenching, action filled & heroic comic book. the script was done well. A very sophisticated war tale with some nice twists. I highly recommend it!

Crossbow was the code name of the actual spy mission. The scenes in the movie alternate between German developments of the V-1 flying bomb and V-2 rocket, with a German cast speaking their own language & British Intelligence and its agents who are attempting to defend against the threats.

The Operation Crossbow motion picture cast included George Peppard, Sophia Loren, Richard Johnson, Trevor Howard, John Mills, Anthony Quayle & Paul Henreid. Jack Sparling provided good likeness throughout the comic book.

Operation Crossbow movie poster! Movie available on DVD.
In an effort to learn more about German rocketry, the Allies infiltrated the Nazi missile works at Peenemunde. The agents they had selected were all engineers and they assumed the identities of real-life individuals who were either dead or otherwise indisposed. What they didn't realize is that the mission had been compromised from the beginning, by the fact that one of the men was wanted for murder & one of the applicants for the mission was actually a Nazi agent! 

Even though the Nazis were in retreat, these weapons could have turned their defeat into victory. The film includes references to Hannah Reich, who in real life, was a German test pilot and Hitler's personal pilot.
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