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John Carter of Mars ran in Gold Key Comics for only 3 issues. I am surprised! Especially with the Jesse Marsh artwork. Paul S. Newman adapted the first three Martian novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Note that these were reprinted in the wrong order and should be read #1, #3, #2.The Gold Key comic books reprint John Carter of Mars from Dell Four Color Comics.

The rousing adventure of John Carter of Mars is about a fictional Virginian transported to Mars. While hiding from Apaches in a cave, he appears to die, leaving his inanimate body behind. John is mysteriously transported by a form of astral projection to the planet Mars, where he finds himself re-embodied in a form identical to his earthly one. Accustomed to the greater gravity of Earth, Carter finds himself to be much stronger and more agile than the natives of Mars.

John Carter of Mars #1  An earthman saves a beautiful princess from cruel Martian creatures -- and faces their terrible vengeance!
"Creatures of Mars"
Back-up feature.
"The Prisoner of the Tharks"
Adapting "A Princess of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs with a contemporary (Korean war) prologue.
"Meet the Planet People"
Back-up feature on inside back cover.
Reprints Dell Four Color #375.

John Carter of Mars #2  Tyrants train incredible beasts to do their evil work!
"In This Tale of High Adventure you Will Meet..." 
Introduction of characters. 
"Tyrant of the North"
John Carter rescues Dejah Thoris when she is kidnapped by Thurid and taken to the forbidden land of Okar in the polar icecap.
Written by Phil Evans.
Adapting "The Warlord of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The indicia for this issue mistakenly says that this is adapting the novel "The Gods of Mars".
At least two printing exist, with the second printing clearly indicated in the indicia, which can be seen in the resources link.  
Reprints Dell Four Color #488. Nice painted cover!

John Carter of Mars #3  John Carter and Tars Tarkas encounter the dreaded plant men in the Valley Dor!"Introducing..."
Back-up feature introducing the characters & creatures in the story.
"The Black Pirates of Omean"
After ten years away from Mars, John Carter is finally able to return and finds himself in the Valley Dor, where every Martian comes at the end of life. When savage plant men attack three Tharks. John is able to save one, who coincidently is an old friend, Tars Tarkas. John and Tars escape the plant men through a passage that leads them into the city of the Therns. There they rescue a slave girl, Thuvia, and learn the Therns are being raided by the Black Pirates of Omean, who have captured Dejah Thoris, John's wife on Barsoom. John takes over a pirate cruiser where Phaidor, the princess of Thern is held. After John defeats the pirate captain Xodar, the three go to the Temple of Issus deep under the South Pole of Mars. There John rescues Dejah Thoris and Thuvia, causes the death of the evil goddess Issus, and helps start a slave revolt in Omean. Xodar takes control of the rebellion while John and his friends (including Tars Tarkas) escape to the surface. 
The first two-thirds of the story is a fairly-faithful adaptation of the 1913 John Carter story "The Gods of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The final third of the story condenses and changes some plot points in order for the story to end happily.
"John Carter of Mars"
Full-length illustration of John Carter and Dejah Thoris.  
Reprints Dell Four Color #437.
John Carter Omnibus Hardcover Edition! Alan Davis cover.
Marvel Comics also came out with a John Carter of Mars series. The entire series (with few exceptions) takes place between the third and fourth paragraphs of chapter 27 in Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel A Princess of Mars. Writers included Marv Wolfman & Chris Claremont. Art by Gil Kane, Rudy Nebres, Dave Cockrum, Carmine Infantino, Frank Miller & Ernie Colon. Especially like the covers to #1 & #11 (knockout Dejah Thoris cover!)

John Carter of Mars Weird World TP collection!
DC Comics ran John Carter in Weird Worlds, Tarzan & Tarzan Family

Dark Horse collects the Dell Four Color John Carter comic books!
Back-up John Carter feature!
Dark Horse comics came out with various John Carter of Mars comic books, primarily collections. 

Dynamite Entertainment's John Carter Warlord of Mars #1  Great Alex Ross painted cover!
Terrific Joe Jusko painted cover for the same issue!
Most recently, Dynamite Entertainment published John Carter of Mars.

I enjoyed the wonderful Disney film, John Carter, largely based on A Princess of Mars. The screenplay was written by Andrew (also directed) Stanton, Mark Andrews & Michael (Kavalier & Clay) Chabon. Michael (Alias, Incredibles) Giacchino  provided the musical score for the film.

The novels that started it all!
John Carter of Mars newspaper comic strip!
My favorite Frazetta John Carter (love the Batman logo.)
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Another Frazetta, since we cannot get enough of his fantastic work!
Joe Jusko painting, another artist I cannot get enough of!
J. Scott Campbell always comes up with striking covers!
Here's a Joe Jusko sketch cover!

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