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Among Charlton Comic's back-up features was The Sentinels, from the Thunderbolt series.

The (Sensational) Sentinels were Helio (Rick Strong), Mentalia (Cindy Carson) & Brute (Crunch Wilson.) Gary (Sgt. Fury, Phantom Eagle) Friedrich co-created & wrote the series along with Sam (Avengers, Southern Knights) Grainger, co-creator and artist. Their run began in Thunderbolt #54. The series ended in Thunderbolt #59.
Brute battling Titan, pawn of the Mind-Bender!
The Sentinels were a trio of superheroes, the flying Helio (Rick Strong), Mentalia (Cindy Carson) whose tiara gave her mental powers including telekinesis & The Brute (Crunch Wilson) who had special 'power gloves' which gave him super strength. 

They were given their powers by the scientist Dr. Kolotov, who died shortly afterward, and used them to battle the villainous Mind-Bender (John Linden) and his android, Titan. Later in the series, they were falsely accused of spying for Red China due to a misunderstanding, and clashed with Sarge Steel. 

Thunderbolt #54
"Behold the Sentinels"
The origin of the Sentinels.
Where else are you going to see"...What's Happening Pussycat?"

Thunderbolt #55
"Beware...The Menacing Mind-Bender"
The Sentinels rock into action for the first time!
The world is on the brink of total annihilation! The Sentinels face the Mind-Bender for the first time...but certainly not the last. 

Thunderbolt #56
"Where Walks...The Titan"
After their gig as the hot singing group "The Protestors" on Ed's show, the Sentinels are challenged to battle by an inhumanly strong android named the Titan (who's master is the Mind-Bender.)
Although not named as such, Ed is really Ed Sullivan.
Last issue written by Gary Friedrich.


Thunderbolt #57
"If This be...Triumph"
Sarge Steel arrests the Sentinels for spying!
D.C. Glanzman plotted this issue with script by Sam Grainger.

Thunderbolt #58
"In the Lair of...The Mind-Bender"
The Sentinels stop Mind-Bender from controlling Sarge Steel, only to have one of their own fall into the Mind-Bender's control.
Written by Denny O'Neil (as Sergius O'Shaughnessy.)

Thunderbolt #59
"Night of Doom"
The Sentinels are trapped by the Mind-Bender with Brute under his spell.
Unfortunately this was the end of the run! 
Written by Denny O'Neil (as Sergius O'Shaughnessy.)

Sam Grainger John Carter artwork!
The Sentinals was a fun series and I enjoyed Sam Grainger's artwork From what I can tell, the fun series has not be reprinted. 

However, there was a pin-up of the Sentinels featured in the Charlton Portfolio

A cool Man from U.N.C.L.E. ad from Thunderbolt #57!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

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