Thursday, June 16, 2016


Between the year long hiatus between Charlton Comics Secret Agent #9 & #10, Sarge Steel still had a few cases to tell. These cases served as a back-up feature for Judomaster #91-#98. To boot, prolific Joe Gill teamed up with legendary Dick Giordano once again. 

So, while Judomaster courageously battled The Cat, Sarge Steel deftly encounters a double agent. Good Times!

Judomaster #91  
Cover by Frank McLaughlin.
"File 110 Case of the "Double Agent"
While the nation watches, Sarge Steel shoots an astronaut believed to be Lt. Comdr. Wayne Langley. Steel returns to his office in New York to discover that his secretary, Bessie Forbes, has been replaced by a beautiful woman calling herself Miss Dura, who he quickly recognizes. 
Written by Joe Gill (Fightin' 5) with art by Dick Giordano (Nukla) & Frank McLaughlin (Judomaster.)
Continued in the next issue of Judomaster
Short bio of Frank McLaughlin in the letter's column.

Sarge Steel's Sport of Judo appeared as back-ups in his own comic book, as well as Fightin' 5, Special War Series & Thunderbolt. Loved those educational features. 

One day, perhaps we'll see a nice reprint treatment for not only the Sarge Steel & Secret Agent series, but these fill-in stories as well. Well, one can dream. 

<u all-time favorite Sarge Steel piece from Giordano.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Some independent work from Giordano in Star*Reach #2.
Giordano did a lot of work on some of the best period in Batman history.
Meet Frank McLaughlin, creator of Judomaster!


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