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Well, here we are at the end of another great dramatic series, another fine Charlton title bites the dust. Secret Agent was a continuation of the Sarge Steel title. For some reason, there was a full year between publication of issues #9 & #10. However, during that time, Steel had a back-up feature in Judomaster.

The Sarge Steel title became Secret Agent with issue #9. He was one of the best agents in the service, working intelligence and counter-intelligence during the second half of the Cold War. Steel stopped or destroyed criminal/terrorist organizations, James Bond-style villains, KGB plots and the like – essentially, he was the equivalent of a 00 agent. During this time, Steel fought such menaces as quasi-supervillain Mister Ize, or KGB master spy Irena Dubaya.

Love the Jag!

Secret Agent #10  The Iron Man With The Steel Fist' Sarge Steel!
Cover by Dick Giordano.
"File #113 The Case of the Third Hand"
Sarge Steel falls for Linda Velvet, the target of a mysterious gunman. 
Written by Steve Skeates with art by Dick Giordano.
"Part II Photo Finish"
Sarge looks for the real killer and runs into some serious trouble. 
Written by Steve Skeates with art by Dick Giordano.
"Part III Blues for Linda" 
Steel works himself out of a jam.
Written by Steve Skeates with art by Dick Giordano.
"Espionage: Muscle Beach Style"
The C.I.A. sweetheart, Tiffany Sinn, is assigned to uncover how vital fuel formulas are being stolen and transmitted to foreign agents.
Written by David A. Kaler (Captain Atom) with art by Jim Aparo (Nightshade.) Created by Gary Friedrich.
Reprinted in the Australian comic Super Giant Album #23

The two previous appearances of Tiffany Sinn, along with a couple of foreign reprints.

Career Girl Romances #39 cover by Dick Giordano, sporting Tiffany Sinn, Undercover Agent.
Tiffany Sinn's first appearance was in Career Girl Romances #38. Written by creator Gary Friedrich with art by Charles Nicholas & Vince Alascia. That was followed by another story (and landed on the cover as well) in the following issue. Friedrich was again the writer, with art by Luis Dominguez. All three stories were covered in one of my previous posts. 

Charlton published one of my favorite portfolio magazines. the dynamic cover was penciled by legendary Don Newton with fantastic Bob Layton inks.
My favorite Dick Giordano illustration of Sarge Steel, from the Charlton Portfolio.
Charlton Bullseye magazine reprinted this issue's cover, as part of the "Tough as Steel" one page text article written by Roger Stern. There was also a full page illustration of Sarge Steel by the esteemed Dick Giordano.     
I think you can tell Dick Giordano is my artist of choice for Secret Agent Sarge Steel.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Jim Aparo handled the artistic chores of a couple of Charlton heroines. Not only Tiffany Sinn, but Nightshade (from the last three issues of Captain Atom) as well.

Another sweet Giordano piece. He really knew how to draw a car! Love the Jag!

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