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Flash Gordon has quite a fight on his hands during his run with Charlton Comics. Featuring eye-popping artwork from such comics luminaries as Pay Boyette, Reed Crandall and Jeff Jones, this new wave in his history promises thrills, excitement and touches of wry comedy! Strange creatures, fantastic planetscapes, intense action-everything you love about Flash Gordon!

Foreign reprints of this issue of Flash Gordon.

Sadly, this is the last Charlton Comics issue. From here, Flash enjoyed a lengthier run at Gold Key Comics (issues #19-#37), starting out with some terrific art by Carlos Garzon. He's never been better than he is here. And you don't want to miss Bruce Jones and Al Williamson's adaptation of the Flash Gordon movie!

Flash Gordon #18
Cover art by Pat Boyette with alterations to Flash Gordon's face by Sal Gentile.
"Scourge of the Locust Men"
Ferocious battle rages on a scale not seen since the days when Ming the Merciless the kingdom of Mongo come the overwhelming odds of the Locust Men.  
Art by Pat Boyette.
"El Futuro Impala Impasse"
One page text story featuring El Futuro.
Four page story of the Great Battles of History. 
Early art by Michael Wm. Kaluta (as Mike Kaluta, his third professional work.)
"Shiraz" reprinted in two fine Canadian comics, which may be easier to look for, Swords of Valor #2 (with a gorgeous Frazetta cover & art by Jim Aparo & Gene Day!) & Barbarians #1 (with a stunning Tony DeZuniga cover, swipe of Frazetta's Tanar of Pellucidar & a great Jeff Jones story!) 
"Time Waits for All Men"
Flash, Dale & Zarkov lose control of their ship, becoming a hurling capsule of doom.  
Art by Pat Boyette. 

"Shiraz" reprinted in thse two Canadian comic books.

Tony DeZuniga's cover (just the cover) reprinted on this Canadian comic book as well. Like the coloring on this one a lot!
The Archives also included original ads from the comic book series!
These two Flash Gordon stories were reprinted in Dark Horse's Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Volume 3. The slipcover art used for this great hardcover edition was from the Flash Gordon #18 dynamic cover. This volume reprints the complete run of Charlton Comics Flash Gordon comic books issues #12-#18, released  in the late '60s. Thrilling artwork by legendary creators Pat Boyette, Reed Crandall and Jeff Jones!   
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
And here it is, the Mike Kaluta story from this issue of Flash Gordon.

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