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I thoroughly enjoyed the painted and photo covers from the Gold Key Comics. So when Flash Gordon landed at Gold Key, this was no exception. Flash came alive! Flash Gordon ran from issue #19 (the numbering continued from the Charlton Comic series) to the series ending with #37. Writers included John Warner, Gary Poole, George Kashdan & Bruce Jones. Artists included Carlos Garzon, Gene Fawcette, Al Williamson, Al McWilliams & Frank Bolle. The last three issues ran with line drawn covers, instead of their popular painted covers. Many of the issues were also published under the Whitman imprint.
Ad from the inside front cover.
Flash Gordon #19  Flash is Back!
"Return to Mongo Part 1"
Flash Gordon, Dale Arden & Doctor Hans Zarkov left Mongo united in peace, and now return to a nightmare!  
Written by John Warner with art by Carlos Garzon (Blade Runner.)
Reintroduces the cast, including many of the classic supporting characters.
"Return to Mongo Part 2: Mindlife"
Silith reveals her plans, seeking to have Flash rule with her. 
Written by John Warner with art by Carlos Garzon (Eerie.)
Carlos Garzon's art is very much a homage to Alex Raymond's version.

The Dark Horse Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Volume 4 used the painted cover from Flash Gordon #20 & reprinted Flash Gordon #19-27.Highly Recommended hardcover reprinting the series in all its comic book glory.

The Junior Press reprint, from the Netherlands, used a terrific George Wilson painting from the cover of the first (of six) Flash Gordon paperback from Avon Books. The Portugal reprint edition sported the painted cover, however, the Norway reprint showcased line art (from the interior artwork) on the cover.

The Gold Key Comics Flash Gordon series included a three issue adaptation of the major motion picture, written by Bruce Jones & illustrated by Al Williamson, which was reprinted in trade paperback (showing a cover price) & hardcover (no cover price) editions from Golden Books. I need to look for that hardcover edition. 
Carlos Garzon contributed to the Star Wars mythology in the adaptations of The Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi. Nice Bob Larkin cover. Both were also released in mass market paperback editions, a favorite format of mine.

Fabulous Bill Sienkiewicz cover!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 
DC came along later with a Flash Gordon series from Dan Jurgens.
Then came nice Marvel Select Flash Gordon two issue limited series from Mark Schultz & Al Williamson.
A French publication of Flash Gordon, with a line drawn cover based on Gold Key Comics' Flash Gordon #19.

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  1. In my view, that Empire Strikes Back paperback is the most perfect graphic novel ever created.

    It was a regular paperback book size (at least in the UK version), superb story, superb art, just wonderful. Reading this made me wonder why anybody would bother writing a non-comics novel any more. Imagine if book shops had a choice of text, or the same story as a comic of this quality at the same price. Comics would take over the world! It is exhibit "A" in my argument that comics are the world's greatest artform.

    The problem of course is that making a great comic is even harder than making a great text story. But that was still a SUPERB book.