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Flash is back! The intrepid science fiction hero returns (after about eight and a half years) in Flash Gordon comics published by Gold Key Comics. Thrill to the adventure as Flash battles shark men, evil robots, lava men, and every twisted scheme the villain Ming the Merciless can invent! Featuring sharp storytelling by John Warner and magnificent artwork by Carlos Garzon (hearkening to the classic artwork of Alex Raymond and Al Williamson), Flash Gordon revisits an action-packed era in the history of one of comics' most enduring heroes.

Flash Gordon #20  Flash and Dale face the wonders and terrors of Ming's city of science - CITADEL!
"Citadel Part 1: Legacy"
While Ming and his forces scour the countryside searching for his hated enemy, Flash and Dale must face the wonders and dangers of the Citadel, City of Science.
Written by John Warner (Bloodstone) with art by Carlos Garzon (Blade Runner.)
"Citadel Part 2: Requiem"
Flash arrives at Citadel on Mongo where Queen Auralon is willing to hand him, Zarkov and Arden over to Ming. However, Auralon is willing to betray Ming for the greatest brain on Mongo, Dr Zarkov, because she believes in science more than working with Ming.
Written by John Warner (Doc Savage) with art by Carlos Garzon (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.)

Flash Gordon #20 was reprinted in The Dark Horse series Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Volume 4. Volume 4 reprints Flash Gordon #19-#27, using this issue's cover painting for the slipcover.

How gorgeous is this? Feast your eyes on this beautiful cover painting by the extraordinary George Wilson for Gold Key Comics' Flash Gordon #20. Wilson painted hundreds of comic book and paperback covers. I really love this kind of illustration and really miss it in modern publishing.

Foreign editions reprinting Flash Gordon #20. Especially enjoy the issue using a George Wilson painting from the first Flash Gordon paperback.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 
 Mark Schultz and Flesk Publications released an incredible collection of Williamson’s Flash Gordon work. A must have, highly recommended!
One of my favorite pieces from Al Williamson, used as a trade paperback cover.
Although this isn't mine, I managed to acquire a signed copy of his sketchbook from Vanguard shown below.
Prized book in my collection! Raw sketches from Flash Gordon to Star Wars and so much more.

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