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A young Jeff Jones, whom we know as Jeffrey C. Jones these days, drew “The Guardian Spiders” for King Comics. Unfortunately for the artist, however, King failed to publish the story before they closed shop. They sold various titles and inventory to Gold Key and Charlton. “The Guardian Spiders” languished in the files at Charlton for seven years or so, until the editors at Charlton Bullseye arranged for its first publication in the first issue of the magazine.

Charlton Bullseye #1
“The Guardian Spiders”
Far from the safety of her castle, Damara of Arcadia and her brave escort Balor the Barbarian, follow a long secret trail on her quest for the blue emeralds. But to reach the stones, they must first pass...The Guardian Spiders!
Art by Jeff Jones.

Barbarians #1 reprinted "The Guardian Spiders" & had a great tony DeZuniga cover!
Fire and Steel #1 reprinted only the cover from Barbarians #1, but I liked the background coloring to this over the previous one.
The story was reprinted in the Canadian comics book Barbarians #1. That issue featured a stunning Tony DeZuniga cover, a swipe of Frank Frazetta's Tanar of Pellucidar. Other artists featured in that issue were Michael Kaluta, Joe Staton & Wayne Howard. Writers included Nicola Cuti & Wayne Howard. On back cover, the same art work as front cover was featured, but without part of the logo and a different background color.
A must have if you're any kind of Jeffrey Jones fan! Highly Recommended!
Vanguard published Jeffrey Jones: The Definitive Reference. He was a top heroic fantasy book cover artist. As well as sci-fi and fantasy, Jones brought us the innovative comics feature "Idyl" and was a member of The Studio in New York City with contemporaries, Barry Windsor-Smith, Bernie Wrightson and Michael Wm. Kaluta. This is a profusely illustrated reference book, gathering together the most detailed information on every known, first-publication image by Jones from magazines, books, comics, postcards and every other artifact one can imagine.

Ravens & Rainbows #1 reprinted many fine Jeffrey Jones stories.
A Jeff Jones paperback book cover favorite of mine. Great paperback series, with Jeff Jones covers!
A Conan the Barbarian digest cover by Jeff Jones with a new Conan story.
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 
A Jeff Jones illustration used for Michael Moorcock's Elric, the cover of Star*Reach #6.
More Jeffrey Jones goodness.
Story from Jeffrey Jones, in Ravens & Rainbows #1.

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