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Fittingly enough, Sarge Steel first appeared in his own title, Sarge Steel #1. His title would last until issue #8, at which point it was retitled Secret Agent and cancelled with issue #10. After that, his series continued in  Judomaster #91 through #98 (the stories in #91 through #96 fit in the year-long hiatus between Secret Agent #9 & #10. He also appeared in short features on self-defense in Fightin' 5 #34 & #37 and in the Sentinels stories from Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt #57 & #58, as their CIA contact.

Sarge Steel #4
"File 104 Case of the Kill of the Cat"
An international gang of thieves, headed by the most dangerous, beautiful feline-like femme...The Lynx. I didn't know what trouble was.  
Written by Joe (Doomsday+1) Gill with art by Dick (Stephanie Starr) Giordano.
Told in three parts. 
"P is for Parachute"
Text feature. 
"Sport of Judo"
Three page Judo feature by Frank (Judomaster) McLaughlin.

Tomorrows published Comic Book Artist #9, featuring the Charlton Comics Action Heroes.
Unfortunately, the Sarge Steel & Secret Agent series have yet to be collected in a nice hardcover edition they deserve. I still hold out hope, would be a nice tribute to Dick Giordano. 

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Prolific Charlton Comics writer Joe Gill featured in Charlton Spotlight #5.

Sarge Steel's cameo in the Sentinels story in Thunderbolt.

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