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Whether it's the movies, television, novels or comic books, nothing says sci-fi like Flash Gordon. Being whisked off to mysterious, yet fantastic worlds only defined by our imaginations. Following the valiant hero pushing himself in his personal effort to conquer a powerful nemesis, in this case mainly being Ming the Merciless. 

The Flash Gordon motion picture still hold firm with fans. I mean how can you go wrong with the fabulous Queen soundtrack? Lovin' it!
SciFi brought Flash Gordon to a younger audience, although not great, it was good. I was sad to see it cancelled.
Avon Books published six Flash Gordon novels, written by noted sci-fi author Ron Goulart. Goulart also wrote original novels for The Avenger series & one Challengers of the Unknown book.
Marvel Comics Flash Gordon captured the original sci-fi spirit, with the superb talents of Mark Schultz & Al Williamson!
The numbering of the Flash Gordon comic book series now continues from King Comics to Charlton Comics. After the first issue artwork by Reed Crandall, The Phantom artist Pat Boyette takes over many of the reigns at this point.

Really! Who didn't want that Polaris Nuclear Sub? Never ordered it, but I always wanted it, wondered how good it was. Now, don't get me started on those X-Ray Specs.

For the cover, the first panel on this page was used, editing out Zarkov.

Flash Gordon #12
"Part I Flash Gordon Meets Sheng the Savage" 
Somewhere in the wilds of Mongo Flash Gordon finds more dignified ways of travel than on foot. He is met by a special envoy of King Barin, with an urgent message.  
"Part II Flash Gordon Meets the Enchanted Panther Girl"
Flash & Zarkov believe they've found a friend, just as a fragile slave girl becomes a grimly gowned, evil eyed  assassin.  
Two part story written by Bill (NoMan) Pearson with cover & interior art by Reed (Dynamo) Crandall.
"Ship of the Desert"
Non fiction text article about camels. 
"Where Aliens Hide"
Art by Charles (Fightin' 5) Nicholas & Vince (Gorgo) Alascia.

This great hardcover edition also includes an ad from this issue.

This two part story was reprinted in Dark Horse Comics Flash Gordon Comic-Book Archives Volume 3 (Pat Boyette slipcase cover from Flash Gordon #18.) This outstanding hardcover edition reprints the Charlton Comics series of Flash Gordon (#12 through #18.)

The next issue of Charlton's Flash Gordon comic book heralds a special treat. Flash Gordon #13, not only sporting a fine Pat ("Children of Doom" from Charlton Premiere #2) Boyette cover and interior art for one of the two Flash Gordon stories, but awesome artwork from Jeff (Ravens and Rainbows) Jones on the other Flash Gordon story! Sweet!
I'm looking forward to this, as much as I hope you are as well!

Here's the fillers from this issue along with the back cover.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!  
Peacemaker was my favorite Pat Boyette comic book. Another valiant hero for the time!
An example of some fine Pat Boyette artwork, used for the last issue (#7) of the Space: 1999 comic book.
Boyette also contributed to DC Comics, Blackhawk #242 (cover & interior art.) 
I enjoyed this Flash Gordon piece when I came across it, from Frank Cho.

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