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This is what excited me about one of my all-time favorite TV series. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Season Two opened up the world with a redesigned, sleeker, more futuristic looking Seaview and even more exciting, introduced the Flying Sub, FS-1!

It began with a trip inside a whale (which rated a great TV Guide article), a trip inside a volcano, and a few Cold War intrigue and nuclear war-themed episodes and saw several brushes with world disaster. The season ended with a ghost story, one of the show's few sequels (from episode 17.)

The comic book series continued to deliver exciting original stories, under the expert artistry of Alberto Giolitti.    

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #7  The Seaview nets the frantic leader of a living city on the ocean's floor!
"Saga of the Undersea Island"
During a errant training exercise for a new midget torpedo, a super human man breaks free from a fantastic ancient civilization and seeks to investigate this strange new world. 
This issue introduced the Flying Sub to the comic book series, although the design differs from the TV series. The Seaview continues to sport the eight panel windows. Probably due to the artist not having any source material to draw upon. 
Art by Alberto (Have Gun Will Travel, Beneath the Planet of the Apes) Giolitti.
Story told in two parts.
The Explorers in the Unknown second appearance in this issue, written by Dick (Jet Dream) with art by Nevio (first two issue of Star Trek) Zeccara. These stories have not been reprinted, to my knowledge, so if you're so inclined, I have covered them in a previous blog.  
Front cover reproduced on back cover without logo or text as a pin-up.

Cover of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #15, reprint of issue #7, but with a different feature & no back cover pin-up. This issue came with a red banner, month of June & 15 cent price tag. 

Always enjoyed looking out the observation window of the Seaview!

Reprinted in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #15, with a reduced page count and without the back cover pin-up. This reprint issue included a tale of the Explorers in the Unknown and a text story about the weather illustrated by Jose (Yellow Submarine) Delbo.

Aurora, Polar Lights and Moebius all came out with the first season 13" Seaview, but as I recall, only Moebius came out with the second season Seaview in that size.

The huge 39" Moebius scale model comes in the original eight panel window Seaview as well! They include the detailed bridge you view inside the window and can be fitted with aftermarket lighting!
Here's how the scale model changed, from back in the day, to the fantastic 39" Moebius scale model which comes with the incredible Flying Sub. I'm still working up to the courage to begin the second season Moebius Seaview model. I've not attempted a model this large before. 

Jerry (Planet of the Apes) Goldsmith contributed music for the TV series. 

Even to this day, the Seaview continues to take my breath away.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

The first volume includes the classic Jonah and the Whale, first episode of the second season.

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