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Sarge Steel is a detective and government agent with a steel prosthetic hand. He has been involved with the Central Bureau of Intelligence. Sarge Steel was created by Pat (Thunderbolt) Masulli, aka PAM, first appearing in the Charlton Comics Sarge Steel #1.

His enemies included characters like "The Lynx," "Ivan Crunch," "Smiling Skull" (a Nazi villain who fought Judomaster during World War II), Werner Von Wess, Mr. Ize, among others.

Sarge Steel, working for the CIA, made an appearance in the Sentinels back-up feature in Thunderbolt #57.  

Sarge Steel #2  Rough Tough Sarge Steel The Man Who Could Stop Kapitan Von Wess from Conquering the World!
Cover art by Dick Giordano.
"File #102 The Case of the Man Who Blackmailed the World"
Werner Von Wess uses a nuclear submarine to attempt to blackmail the American government.
Written by Joe (Fightin' 5, Nukla) Gill with Dick (Star*Reach, Deathmask) Giordano art.
Story told in three parts. 
Two back up stories by Bill (Dracula, Son of Vulcan) Fraccio & Tony (Danger Man, Werewolf) Tallarico. 
Text story.

Here are the back-up features in this issue of Sarge Steel.

Sarge Steel was originally a hardboiled private eye (in fact, in the book The Fine Art of Murder, Max Allan (Ms. Tree, CSI) Collins notes that he was the first fictional private eye to be a Vietnam veteran), who somehow also got involved in "spy cases."  

What's not to like with the Charlton Comics house ads?
Someday, it would be great to see a fine hardcover treatment for the Sarge Steel stories, containing Sarge Steel, Secret Agent & his Judomaster back-up feature. We can dream!

Good old hardboiled dialogue.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Sarge Steel and the fine art of judo!

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