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Gold Key's I Spy was based upon the television series. Bill Cosby, playing Alexander Scott, was the first African-American to be cast in a co-starring role in an action-adventure series. As such he was likewise one of the first (alongside Greg Morris of Mission: Impossible) to be depicted in such a way on American comic book covers via this Gold Key series.

Venice: The romantic pearl of the Adriatic, city of sunshine and dreams but where Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott find sudden death...

I Spy #3  Order to Kelly: Kill a Friend! Order to Scotty: Pull the Trigger!
"A Deadly Friend Part I: Assignment Murder" 
Kelly Robinson is ordered to find and kill and old, trusted friend.  

"A Deadly Friend Part I: A Grave for a Two-Timer"
Once Kelly find his old friend, are things as they appear?
Written by the extremely prolific Paul S. (co-creator of Doctor Solar) Newman with Al (Doctor Solar, Wild, Wild West) McWilliams art.

Always enjoyed the Gold Key pin-ups.
Lighter fate for I Spy. The next generation steps in. Still yet to find this television movie, to go with my collection of the television series on DVD.

Kelly and Scotty were brought back for a TV movie, I Spy Returns. Time passes and things change. So have Alexander Scott and Kelly Robinson. Scott has become a college professor and Robinson holds a high enough position with the S.S.A.. Their children are now the agents on their first mission, babysitting some Russian scientists. But the loving fathers that they are, they follow them to make sure their babies don't get hurt. What happens next is a mix of action and comedy involving the CIA, the KGB, China, and old friends from the old world.

Bill Cosby and Robert Culp were united again as private eyes in Hickey and Boggs, a Walter (Red Heat, 48 Hours, Aliens) Hill-scripted "film noir." Searching for a missing girl, they find themselves involved with vicious criminals and precipitating a string of deaths. They hold their forty-four magnums with two hands and keep firing until they hit something...anything.

And you thought they were tough on I Spy.
Do you feel lucky, well do you?
Popular Library published the Hickey and Boggs paperback tie-in, written by Phillip Rock (who also wrote the tie-in for Dirty Harry.)

The spy craze saw all sorts of fiction & non-fiction espionage books come out.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Fillers from this issue of I Spy.

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