Thursday, March 10, 2016


Time for a new file for our hardboiled private detective, Sarge Steel. He stands 6'1", weighs in at 198 pounds, with blue eyes, short black hair and a left hand made of solid steel clenched into a permanent fist. Sarge Steel wasn't your run-of-the-mill private eye.

Always enjoyed the story told in three parts, gave it the feel of being more like a novel.

Sarge Steel #3  A Silver Luger, A Blonde Doll, A Black Villain and Sarge Steel Pushes Headlong Into a New Adventure!

"file #103 The Case of the Heritage of Hate"
Sarge Steel's Luger turns out to be an exact duplicate of a gun used by his most infamous adversary, the Smiling Skull. Steel is kidnapped in an attempt to implicate him in murders committed with the Luger, but he manages to turn the tables on his captor with the aide of a beautiful accomplice.
Part II of Heritage of Hate "The Smiling Skull"
Part III of Heritage of Hate "The Silver Luger"  
Written by Joe Gill with art by Dick Giordano.
"Sport of Judo" 
Three pages of Steel instruction in the martial arts.
Written & illustrated by Frank McLaughlin.

One of my favorite issues of this magazine.

Roy Thomas' Alter Ego #106 looks back to the Charlton Comics Silver Age, along with Charlton editor Dick Giordano’s long and illustrious career. Both at Charlton & DC Comics, Giordano is chronicled, accompanied by his clean, dynamic art.

Sarge Steel followed the other Charlton Comics Action Heroes to DC Comics. He was put in charge of the governmental agencies involved with "superhuman" activities. He was the head of a small agency known as the CBI (Central Bureau of Intelligence), which also included King Faraday, and Faraday's two well known agents Richard Dragon and Ben Turner. He was eventually depicted as a Federal Cabinet Secretary of Metahuman Affairs (giving him control of agencies such as the Suicide Squad.)

Two of the fillers from this issue.

Unfortunately, the Sarge Steel & Secret Agent comic books have not been reprinted.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

A steel gaze to go with a steel fist.
Especially liked this panel sequence (Part III, page 5.)
Are you talking to me?

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