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Captain Atom
is a fictional superhero most currently appearing in  DC Comics. He's existed in three basic incarnations. The character was originally created by writer Joe Gill and artist/co-writer Steve Ditko, first appearing in Space Adventures #33.

Early color variations for Captain Atom.
Various Captain Atom chest logos over the years.
Steve Ditko Captain Atom illustration.
Nathaniel Adam was trapped in a missile which exploded in space, disintegrating him. He then reintegrated himself, gaining atomic energy powers in the process and became Captain Atom

Captain Atom appearance in DC Comics Presents #90.

Cary Bates & Pat Broderick's DC Comics incarnation of Captain Atom.
Captain Atom was created for Charlton Comics, but later acquired by DC Comics and revised for their post-Crisis continuity. Then, DC Comics relaunched its superhero comics and restarted the histories of some characters from scratch, including Captain Atom, giving him a new origin, by Cary Bates & Pat Broderick, appearance and slightly altered powers.

Space Adventures #35  By Popular Request More of Captain Atom in "The Little Wanderer"
Capt Atom cover image taken from page 5; panel 3 of interior story. Right hand side cover image revised from page 2; panel 4 of interior story, "Spies from Another World."
"Spies from Another World" by Joe (Doomsday+1) Gill & Steve (Nukla) Ditko.
"The Enigma of Pluto" by Joe Gill, Bill (Fightin' 5) Molno & Vince (Tales of the Mysterious Traveler) Alascia.
"The Unexpected Visitor" by Joe Gill, Charles (original Blue Beetle) Nicholas & Sal ( Dell Comics Superheroes) Trapani.
"What Are They?" two page text story. 
"The Little Wanderer"
Captain Atom, an expert in the art of atomic war, had a problem… one that began in Smeedville, Georgia, and had it’s conclusion in a galaxy beyond the borders of man’s celestial charts!  Out where a small boy rode on the wings of a nightmarish creature - that could not exist - and did!”
Written by Joe Gill with Steve Ditko art. 

Charlton Comics Captain Atom stories (including this issue #35) were reprinted in Strange Suspense Stories #76 (Space Adventures #35, #36, #37, #39 reprints), Space Adventures #10 (Space Adventures #35, #38 reprints.)

DC Comics reprinted the Charlton Comics Captain Atom stories in Action Heroes Archives Volume One (Space Adventures #33 through #40 & #42, Thunderbolt #53 & Captain Atom #78 through Captain Atom #82 reprints.)

Atoman, created & illustrated by Jerry Robinson, an early inspiration for Captain Atom? Spark Publication comic book written by Ken (Kendell Foster) Crossen & inked by Mort Meskin. Crossen (aka M.E. Chaber) also wrote the excellent Milo March mysteries and created & wrote the Green Lama in the pulps and comic books.

The character of Captain Atom was the inspiration for the character Doctor Manhattan who was featured in the miniseries (from Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons) and later live-action film adaptation, Watchmen.

Aliens spy on Earth to see if it's suitable for invasion.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

What awaits us - on Pluto?

Interesting to see this story predicting landing on Mars in 2016!

What awaits us on Venus?

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