Monday, April 4, 2016


Sorry, but please bear with me since I've been out sick with Bronchitis for the last couple of weeks. Still fighting it off, but hoping to get well for ECCC (Emerald City Comic-Con) this Friday. It's my favorite since we still have a lot of comic book guests, not be overshadowed by entertainment guests. One of these times I will need to check out the Portland Comic-Con.

Looking to hook up with Neal Adams, Jeff Parker, Steven Grant, Klaus Janson & Lee Weeks. Got a list of exhibitors to see, especially the local ones I used to shop before I moved to the coast.

It's the only Comic-Con I get to, I don't travel much. I am really looking forward to it with what I see posted on Facebook and the ECCC web site,

I plan to be back next week with some of my Comic-Con experience, along with further continuing posts on my favorite comic books.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!


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  1. Go easy and pace yourself and you should be fine,BB. Good Health to you, amigo.