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The television series, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea introduced us to the futuristic nuclear submarine S.S.R.N. Seaview and the lead members of her crew, including the designer and builder of the submarine Admiral Harriman Nelson (Richard Basehart) and Commander Lee Crane (David Hedison), who becomes the Seaview's captain after the murder of her original commanding officer. The submarine is based at the Nelson Institute of Marine Research (NIMR) in Santa Barbara, California and is often moored some 500 feet below NIMR in a secret underground submarine pen hewn out of solid rock. Officially, the Seaview is used for undersea marine research and visits many exotic locations in the Seven Seas, but its secret mission is to defend the planet from all world and extraterrestrial threats.

Killer design for the enemy submarine!

Sorry to say, but you won't find this feature in the hardcover collection.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #9  A super sub bores in to send the Seaview to the bottom--forever!
"Creatures of the Abyss"
Inside front cover text feature.
"Seaview vs. the Ultra Sub"
From out of the ocean floor, a fantastic super craft burst forth to attack the Seaview. Two titans of undersea technical wizardry lash the seven seas into foam as they battle around the world.
Art by Alberto Giolitti.
"Lost ...One H-Bomb"
One page text feature.
"The Graveyard of Space." 
An Explorers in the Unknown story. 
Written by Dick Wood with art by Nevio Zeccara. You can find this featured in another post on my blog. 
"The Undersea Frontier"
Inside back cover text feature.

Unfortunately, Giolitti didn't have source material on the Flying Sub to work with and came up with a different design.

The inside back cover feature is included in the hardcover.
Reprinted in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea The Complete Series Vol. 2. The gorgeous slipcover image, for the outstanding hardcover collection, was from issue #12.

Interesting tidbit, for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #9 Alberto Giolitti draws the scene from a view outside the Seaview, while George Wilson paints the cover as seen from within the submarine.

Original George Wilson painting used on issue #12 & the slipcover for the second volume hardcover. 
A pic I came across, from and use quite often for my Desktop Background. From issue #2.
Here's a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea comic from the British TV Tornado magazine I've never seen reprinted in the US. 

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

A few parting shots from the TV show.

One of the many creatures the crew of the Seaview faced.

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  1. The "ultra-sub" looks like a cross between Gerry Anderson's Stingray and Toho's Atragon aka "Gotengo", both contemporaries of VttBotS