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Flash Gordon was an influence on early superhero comics characters. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster based Superman's uniform of tights and a cape on costumes worn by Flash Gordon.

Bob Kane's drawing of Batman on the cover of Detective Comics No. 27 (the first appearance of the character) was based on a 1937 Alex Raymond drawing of Flash Gordon. Dennis Neville modeled the comics hero Hawkman's costume on the "Hawkmen" characters in Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon comic strip. 

Flash Gordon #14  In The Land Of The Witch Queen
Cover by Pat Boyette.
"Rancor And The Seven Shadows Of Flash Gordon" 
Rancor meets with Queen Azura to offer an alliance with Ming the Merciless to help defeat Flash Gordon. and overthrow the government of King Barin. 
Re-introduction of Azura, the Witch Queen of Mongo from the original Alex Raymond Flash Gordon comic strips & King Comics Flash Gordon #1.
Written by Bill (Creepy, The Phantom) Pearson with art by Pat (The Peacemaker) Boyette.
"Adversary: Ants"
Death Defier (John Allen Wallington) text story.
"The Temple Of Kalapula"
Art by Don (Moon Knight, Ghost Rider) Perlin.
"Flash Gordon Meets Azura the Witch Queen"
Flash steers his rocketship fearlessly toward Rancor's trap.  
Written by Bill (Eerie, NoMan) Pearson with art by Pat (Six Million Dollar Man) Boyette.

Boyette's use of panel layout was fantastic, befitting Flash Gordon. Some of his finest work!

One of the ads that made the cut, reprinted in the Archives edition.
Reprinted in Dark Horse's Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Volume 3 gorgeous hardcover collection of the Flash Gordon Charlton Comics.

This issue of Flash Gordon was also reprinted in Norway & Portugal (in black & white) comic books.

I didn't even realize there were deleted scenes.
Most of the Flash Gordon film and television adaptations retell the early adventures on the planet Mongo. The film A Christmas Story, featured a deleted scene with Ralphie and his Red Ryder BB gun saving Flash Gordon from Ming the Merciless.

Great publication featuring behind the scenes at Charlton Comics, and more.
Couple of other heroes done right by Pat Boyette.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Marvel published two issues of Flash Gordon, written by Mark Schulz & Al Williamson.
DC Comics came along with nine issues of an updated Flash Gordon, by Dan Jurgens & Bruce Patterson.
Magnificent sketch of Flash Gordon by the master himself, Frank Frazetta.

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