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Air Force Captain Allen Adam was the victim of a freak nuclear accident, but instead of being disintegrated by the deadly radiation, he was transformed into a being of pure energy, Captain Atom.

The three phases of Charlton Comics Captain Atom's costume.
Captain Atom debuted in Charlton’s Space Adventures #33, an early entry into the Silver Age super-hero revival. Despite lean and gutsy art by Steve Ditko (just prior to creating Spider-Man), He could not survive Charlton’s mediocre scripting and so sank into obscurity. The strip was revived in this series in 1967 under the editorship of Dick Giordano, who brought back Ditko, along with Denny O’Neil and Jim Aparo.

In the mid-1980s, DC bought the rights to the Charlton heroes, using them both as heroes in the DC Universe and as the basis for the characters in Alan Moore’s Watchmen, where Captain Atom served as the template for Doc Manhattan.

Back cover of Space Adventures #39.
Space Adventures #39
Cover is composed of images taken from interior stories.
"Test-Pilot's Nightmare"
Written by Joe (Vengeance Squad) Gill with Steve (The Djinn) Ditko art.
When a faulty air pump endangers a pilot’s life, Captain Atom goes to rescue him.
"The Third Man"
Written by Joe Gill with art by Bill (Gorgo, Konga) Molno & Sal (Superheroes, Nukla) Trapani (as Moltra.)
"Peace Envoy"
The attack came without warning. Captain Atom must stop an alien invasion.
Written by Joe (Doomsday +1) Gill with Rocco "Rocke" (Fightin' 5) Mastroserio art.
Appearance by the President of the United States.
"The Magic Box"
Text story.
"An Ageless Weapon"
On important courier duty in Berlin, Captain Adam is lured by a woman and captured by Communist spies.
Appearance by the President of the United States.
Written by Joe (Six Million Dollar Man) Gill with Steve (Shade) Ditko art. 
Reprinted in Strange Suspense Stories #76

The three Captain Atom stories were reprinted in Space Adventures #12 & The Action Heroes Archives Vol. 1. Captain Atom stories are reprinted in the handsome hardcover Archives Vol. 1 & 2 including an unfinished (by Steve Ditko) & unpublished two part story by Roger Stern, Ditko & John Byrne. I cannot recommend these books enough for Charlton aficionados. There's an unpublished The Question story as well! By Alex Toth! 

The text story from above & this one are also from Space Adventures #39.

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Alter Ego #106 Charlton Comics’ characters fondly remembered are Sarge Steel, Ghosts Of Doctor Graves, Captain Atom, Peacemaker and several others along with various genres like War, Love and Crime comics are showcased.
Comic Book Artist #9 is a must have for the Charlton Comics fan!

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