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My all time submarine adventure, in the movies and on television, was spending time aboard the Seaview in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. I've collected and read the various novels. I've collected and read the Gold Key comic books and the Hermes Press fine reprint edition. I've watched the motion picture and television series on television and on DVD multiple times. I've acquired many collectibles over the years, including scale models of the Seaview and Flying Sub, the ViewMaster slides, as well as the b&w trading cards. All in all, I've been a bit time fan for a long time!

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #5  A vengeful hunter and his undersea safari stalk a prize trophy--Admiral Nelson!

George Wilson painted cover. 
"Village Beneath the Sea I"
Inside front cover feature on a village on the floor of the Red Sea.
Artwork by Joe Certa.
"The Great Undersea Safari"
Ex white hunter, Sir Ellery Barrett, could not rest until he brought down the greatest prize of all...Admiral Nelson of the Seaview.
Artwork by Alberto (Star Trek, Turok, King Kong) Giolitti.
"Village Beneath the Sea II"
Inside back cover feature. 
Artwork by Joe (Dark Shadows, Jet Dream) Certa. 
Black & white photograph of Richard Basehart (Admiral Nelson) and David Hedison (Captain Crane) with colored background back cover pin-up. 

I was so pleased when this two volume collection was published. Hermes Press did come out with great Land of the Giants and Time Tunnel books. I just wish the same could be done for some of the other Gold Key comics, like the proposed I Spy and as well for The Man from U.N.C.L.E..

Not only the fantastic story, but the "Village Beneath the Sea" features are reprinted in the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The Complete Series: Volume One hardcover, with a gorgeous slipcover featuring the cover to this issue. This fine volume reprinted the first six issues of the great comic book series.  

Seaview: A 50th Anniversary Tribute to Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea trade paperback book includes an introduction by David Hedison, plus interviews with Hedison (Captain Crane), Bob Dowdell (Chip Morton), Del Monroe (Kowalski), Allan Hunt (Stu Riley), Richard Bull (Doctor), Terry Becker (Sharkey), assistant producer Paul Zastupnevich, and guest star Pat Culliton. The huge book includes coverage of the making of both the movie and the TV series from the pilot through all four seasons, a complete episode guide with extremely comprehensive story notes, information on vehicles and ships in the show, collectibles (includes nearly 150 rare items), unfilmed Voyage stories, a guide to Irwin Allen, guest stars and much more. Over 500 pages and nearly 740 b&w and color photos!

I cannot say it enough, this fabulous book is a real treat for every fan of the show!

The Dell Movie Classic of the movie! Great Sam Glanzman artwork.
The tie-in novel of the movie by legendary sci-fi novelist Theodore Sturgeon! Not sure where this Seaview came from, although a submarine similar to this was used in the Dell Comics Voyage to the Deep #1. A monster like the one pictured was used in Voyage to the Deep #3.
Reprint of the movie tie-in novel just using a cover photo from the television series.
Another tie-in novel, this time using the television characters!

Great Whitman hardcover original tie-in novel written by novelist Raymond F. Jones!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Prize in my collection is the ViewMaster slides from the television series!
Nice parting shot of the Seaview!


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