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Not only had Barry Windsor-Smith done The Avengers, Daredevil, X-Men, Nick Fury, Ka-Zar (in Astonishing Tales) and Conan the Barbarian, he also branched out to Warren's Vampirella magazine. It was a nice representation of his cutting edge work now black and white. Smith was really coming into his own by this time.

But then again, with Golden & Silver Age writer Gardner Fox at the helm, how can you go wrong? For DC Comics he wrote script for the Golden & Silver Age Hawkman, the Justice Society of American and the Justice League of America. For Marvel Comics, he wrote Doc Savage, Dr. Strange, Tomb of Dracula & Red Wolf. He also wrote classic novels such as The Hunter Out of Time, Laid in the Future (as Rod Gray) along with the Kothar & Kyrik sword and sorcery series.  

Vampirella #9
Cover art by Wally Wood & Boris Vallejo.
"The Boy Who Loved Trees" 
Simpleton Eddie Barrett was picked on. He just whimpered and ran off into the woods. But he had friends there...
Script by Gardner Fox with story/art by Barry Windsor-Smith (as Barry Smith.)

This story is included in Dynamite's Vampirella Archives Volume Two. This is a terrific series showcasing many great talents from the Warren magazine. Writers included Forrest J. Ackerman, Don Glut, Nicola Cuti & T. Casey Brennan just to name a few. Artists included Frank Frazetta, Neal Adams, Tom Sutton, Reed Crandall, Jerry Grandenetti, Vaughn Bodé, Jack Sparling & Jeff Jones just to name a few.   

Barry Smith drew "The Warlock Tree" also reprinted in Giant-Sized Chillers #3.
Chilling Ed Hannigan & Bernie Wrightson cover!

I've already covered Barry Smith's Starr the Slayer (pre-Conan) story in this issue of Chamber of Darkness.

Here are some other comics Barry Windsor-Smith did short stories in. I'm going to try and cover these in future posts.
Barry Smith's "The Terrible Old Man" was in this issue was reprinted in Masters of Terror #1.
Masters of Terror #1 cover, by Gray Morrow, based on the cover to Supernatural Thrillers #1 by Jim Steranko.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Barry Smith did the cover story.
"The Scream of Things" from Barry Smith.

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