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"A cool knowing man who savors danger... who will not make one concession to fear...
and whose fees may be as little as a smile from a pretty girl!"

Nice simple logo, to the point!

Sarge Steel is an old fashioned hardboiled private detective in the tough Mickey Spillane tradition. The book is graced by some great Dick Giordano artwork. Giordano knows how to draw cars, Steel tools around in a nice Jaguar sports car. He also packs a powerful Luger handgun.

Sarge Steel #1
"File #101 The case of the Pearls of Death" 
"Chapter I: Consignment Terror, Chapter II: Nightmare in Saigon, Chapter III: Destination Death."
Steel investigates a missing father and his 57 matched pearls, only to come face to face with an old foe. Flashback reveals how he lost his hand.
Written by Joe (Doomsday+1, Captain Atom) Gill with art by Dick (Batman) Giordano.
Splash page credits Pat (Thunderbolt, Son of Vulcan) Masulli with creating Sarge Steel.
"The OSS in WW2"
Written by Joe (Judomaster) Gill with art by Bill (Dracula, Frankenstein) Fraccio & Tony (Danger Man, Werewolf) Tallarico.
"The Spark"
Text article on the events that sparked World War I.
"The Road to Freedom"
Written by Joe (Peacemaker) Gill with art by Sam (Voyage to the Deep) Glanzman.

Back story for the steel fist.
Love the house ads! Gill & Glanzman worked on the (unauthorized) Jungle Tales of Tarzan comic with a Masulli cover. Gill wrote Fightin' 5 with some Dick Giordano covers. Gill, Fraccio & Tallarico worked on Blue Beetle.

Most of Steel's cases seemed to involve various international conspiracies, and eventually, he became an official government agent, and the book was retitled Secret Agent with #9. The series was subsequently cancelled with issue #10.

Fabulous trade paperback about the big man himself, Dick Giordano. Highly Recommended!

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