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I Spy was a ground breaking television series about spies in a modern world of international espionage. They're on their own. They have their orders, but nobody tells Scotty and Kelly how to carry them out. In their business anything is cricket if they can get away with it. When they get themselves into trouble--well, they're on their own!

Cover most depicted for I Spy The Complete Series hardcover remaining unpublished by Hermes Press.
Concept cover I came across for the unpublished Hermes Press hardcover edition. Nice collage!
Photo cover for the first issue of Gold Key Comics I Spy comic book cover.
I was contemplating what to do for my next post when it came to me. I've been frustrated with Hermes Press not coming out with the I Spy The Complete Series book. What about getting those issues out there? It would help relieve my feelings and allow me to relive the excitement of the original comic book stories. I've covered the first issue in a previous post. You can pull it up from this link:

I Spy #2  Orders to Scotty and Kelly: Get Atomic Scientist Before He Sleeps--and Talks!
"The Missing Man"
Scott & Kelly have three hours to find a missing scientist in Toyko, before he reveals vital secrets. 

"The Tell-Tale Camera"
In the Philippines, Scott & Kelly must solve the suspicious break-in to a naval base vault, leaving behind only an empty camera.  
Written by prolific Paul S. Newman with Al (Girl from U.N.C.L.E.) McWilliams art.
The trademark Gold Key back cover pin-up. 

The seven book I Spy paperback series. John Tiger added mythology to the series not in the actual television series such as a code name of Domino for Scott & Kelly and a network of other agents.
Front and back cover of the original I Spy Whitman hardcover by their Man from U.N.C.L.E. writer Brandon Keith.

There's a terrific series of seven original I Spy paperback novels written by Walter (Telefon) Wager (as John Tiger.)  Whitman Books released "Message from Moscow" in hardback written by Brandon (Man from U.N.C.L.E.) Keith.

Adored this painting when I saw it used as a TV Guide cover.
The I Spy television series has been released on three budget priced DVD sets. Great video!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Front & back cover to the LP soundtrack for the I Spy television series by masterful Earle Hagen. Fabulous soundtrack I've not seen released on digital or CD.
A paperback series worth checking out, Walter Wager is such a fine author!


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