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Before Star Trek, Alberto Giolitti graced my radar with Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #4. His stunning artwork floored me. Giolitti was fantastic in my book, having a great handle on drawing the Seaview. And don't get me started on his awesome King Kong Gold Key comic book.

Alberto Giolitti worked for Dell/Gold Key on such great Silver Age comic books as Turok Son of Stone (began in #24), Freedom Agent, Twilight Zone, Lord Jim, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Laredo, Tarzan, Star Trek (began in #3), King Kong, Cowboy in Africa and Beneath the Planet of the Apes.


Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #4  The Seaview becomes a helpless toy in the hands of an UNDERSEA GIANT!
"Frontiers of the Deep"
Text article on rescue vehicles and power plants.
"Robinson Crusoe of the Depths"
The crew of the Seaview discover a tilled farmland on the ocean floor, with something stalking, waiting for what grim purpose they could only guess.
First issue with art by Alberto Giolitti.
"Frontiers of the Deep II"
Text article on oil rigs and submersibles.  
Back cover pin-up of Captain Crane and Admiral Nelson. 


This issue was reprinted in Hermes Press Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea The Complete Series Volume One gorgeous hardcover anthology of the comic book series.

Fun book I was able to acquire a few years ago!

A softcover book on the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea television series was issued in 1987 by author, John Peel as part of his Files Magazine series. It was 58 pages in a 8.5"x11" squarebound format with introductions by actors Richard Basehart and David Hedison. The book featured black and white photographs, along with a history of the original 1961 film. It was the best book about the movie & television series out there at the time.

The Seaview looked better on the title page than it did on the coloring pages. Looks like the pages are from the same studio that did the illustrations for the Whitman novel. Finer illustrations in the novel. 
Hardback annual published in Great Britain by World Distributors in 1966.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #4 was reprinted in one of the British Annuals.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Until recently, a vintage toy I'd not seen.

One of the Donruss trading cards, front and back.

Original art from a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea jigsaw puzzle I didn't realize was out there.

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