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Legendary Alex Raymond's first Flash Gordon comic strip introduced the world-famous polo player, improbably roped into a space adventure alongside his love-interest Dale Arden and the "mad" scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov. They were transported by rocket ship to the planet Mongo, which was about to collide with Earth. The trio immediately became embroiled in the affairs of Mongo's inhabitants, particularly those of its insidious warlord, Ming "the Merciless", who would become Flash Gordon's arch nemesis.

I never saw any of these, but how cool is that!
Flash Gordon #10
"Part II of the Tournament of Mongo"
In Ming The Merciless' Tournament of Death, the bravest men on the planet Mongo fight each other through a series of grueling contests, until all but one champion has met his death. Flash has become badly wounded in the battle of the flaming lances, but is willing to go to the next violent contest in the bloody tournament.
Script & art by Alex (Secret Agent X-9) Raymond.
Cover based on Flash Gordon Sunday 1944.07.30 panel 5 by Austin (Secret Agent X-9) Briggs.
Text, coloring and panel layout changed from the original Sunday strip.
"Forbidden Forest"
Flash, Dale & Zarkov investigate a dense jungle wilderness with giant trees towering nearly a mile high.
Text story written by Gary (Mandrake) Poole.  
The Outer Dimension
"Wondrous Rope of Rangoon"
Each time the flute played, the glowing strand of hemp performed amazing feats that staggered man's imagination.
Art of Jack (Neutro, Valley of the Gwangi) Sparling. 
Freedom Fighters
"Washington Attacks Trenton"
George Washingon's Battle of Trenton. 
Rich (Deathlok) Buckler's first professional art.

This fantastic hardcover included art not only from Al Williamson, but Alex Raymond, Wally Wood, Gil Kane, Reed Crandall & Dan Barry, just to name a few! Batton Lash included a fine introduction.

Reprinted in Dark Horse Comics Flash Gordon Comic-Book Archives Volume 2, which collects the King Features run. The slipcover image is taken from Flash Gordon #3 by Al Williamson. Unfortunately, the ads and short stories are not included in the hardcover.

Alex Raymond on Private Investigator Rip Kirby.
Raymond on Secret Agent X-9.

Raymond's classic art on the Flash Gordon comic strip.
Alex Raymond was a phenomenal artist, one of the finest to come along in the comic strips. He influenced many an artist and creator over the years. Heavily influenced by Raymond, Al Williamson also graced the pages of Flash Gordon & Secret Agent X-9 comic books with his outstanding art as well. 

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Thank You!
Front & back covers to the record album advertised on the back cover of this issue of Flash Gordon, #10!

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