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"Unless I Can Neutralize The Lavamen...The World Will Burn!"
The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker is Chistopher Smith, a diplomat who loves peace so much that he's willing to fight for it. As The Peacemaker, he employed an array of special non-lethal weapons and founded the Pax Institute. Most of his antagonists he faced were dictators and warlords.

I so enjoyed this cover, bot a monster and a sub, just my kind of cover!
Both the Peacemaker and Fightin' 5, the back-up feature, were continued from Fightin' 5 #41.

Peacemaker #5  In The Fire World!

"The Fire World"
Mr. Blaze, an evil genius who threatens to unleash the fires of hell on the world! He is supreme commander of an incredible army in The Fire World. Here in a roaring volcano, Mr. Blaze has established his rule over faceless creatures whose tough is death to ordinary man. But the risk must be taken by The Peacemaker.  
Written by co-creator Joe (Captain Atom, Judomaster, Doomsday + 1) Gill with art by co-creator Pat (Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Six Million Dollar Man) Boyette.
Story told in two parts. 
Last issue of the series.

Charlton Arrow also includes Pat Boyette's creation The Spookman!

Mock up for the cover of The Peacemaker #6.

The previously unpublished Peacemaker #6 "The Golden Pharaoh" was finally, told in three parts just as it was intended, presented to us in the new Charlton Arrow #2-#4. As with the previous issues, Joe Gill was the writer with Pat Boyette art. You can get this in print or on Kindle. It's well worth tracking down.

 DC Comics acquired the character following Charlton's demise in the mid-1980s and The Peacemaker became the basis for the character The Comedian in writer Alan Moore's DC Comics miniseries Watchmen. For me, I was pleased The Peacemaker was only the basis for The Comedian

A color panel from Charlton Arrow's published "The Golden Pharaoh."
Live Large My Friend!

Thank You!

Unfinished Peacemaker #1 cover re-creation painting by the late Pat Boyette. The actual piece is in color.


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