Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Frank Springer has some incredible credentials I've enjoyed over the years. His earliest comic book was Brain Boy for Dell Comics. A precursor to the X-Men, with a mutant lead character.

Frank also worked for Atlas (Cougar), Continuity (Armor), Gold Key (Wild Wild West-come on Hermes-collected this series!), Warren (1984), Dell (Cimarron Strip, New People, Iron Horse, Toka), DC (Action Comics Weekly, Secret Six, Green Arrow) & Marvel Comics (the iconic Captain America #241, Captain Marvel, Dazzler, Transformers, GI Joe, She-Hulk.)

For me, his best comic books were Secret Six & Nick Fury. He took over Fury after Jim Steranko, some pretty big shoes to fill. I enjoyed the issues he drew, working out of the box with graphics we had grown accustomed to with Steranko.

My other favorite comic book of Springer's was Secret Six. I loved it! It was created by E. Nelson Birdwell & Carmine Infantino. Carmine based the King Savage character on Frank Springer. Frank went on to draw the first two issues, with the others drawn by Jack Starling. 

The Secret Six was a group of heroes secretly led by Mockingbird, who was actually one of them. It was a mysterious series which had the feel of The Prisoner (my all time favorite TV series.)

E. Nelson Birdwell was to have said nothing else I've written in comics had the originality, maturity & daring to try new fields that Secret Six possessed.

The series was followed up years later in Action Comics Weekly #612 stunning Paul Gulacy cover), #619 up to & concluding in #630

Frank Springer also worked in television on the cartoon, Space Ghost. You may have heard of it!

What a guy. Be sure to check out his stuff, you won't be sorry.

Live Large.

Thank you. 


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  1. Love Brain Boy and The Cougar. Springer was great. The Brain Boy archive book is great stuff and very original and stands apart from typical super hero tropes.