Wednesday, June 11, 2014


There's not much out there about Sal Trapani, other than his working for Marvel, DC, Charlton, Warren, Dell and Gold Key during his illustrious career as a comic book artist.

Sal was the brother-in-law of Dick Giordano. His strong style was definitely influenced by Giordano.

A couple of my favorites of his was his work on Super Heroes and Nukla for Dell. Sal also worked on Get Smart for Dell as well.

Super Heroes was a Fantastic Four type of team book, teenagers with super powers. It was a fun book, I remember enjoying it as I was growing up. It was one of the few books he actually penciled and inked. 

Sal co-created Nukla (similar to Captain Atom, Ditko even drew the last issue of this series) with Joe Gill and art assist by Dick Giordano.

For Gold Key, Trapani worked on 3 issues of Wild Wild West. Man, I loved that comic book.

For Marvel, Trapani inked on Super-Villain Team-Up, Howard the Duck, Defenders, Hulk, Master of Kung Fu, War is Hell and Werewolf by Night.

For DC, Sal worked on Teen Titans, Metamorpho, Brave and the Bold, Mystery in Space, House of Mystery, World's Greatest Superheroes (syndicated newspaper strip) and All Star Squadron.

Trapani drew short stories galore for Warren in Creepy & Eerie and Charlton such as Space Adventures, Strange Suspense Stories & Badge of Honor.

More recently, IDW reprinted a story of his in their Haunted Horror (#10) series. 

I hope you check him out. He was a great artist deserving of greater attention.

Thank you.

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