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Paul Smith particularly admired the work of Steve Ditko on Amazing Spider-Man and Neal Adams on Batman. You have to ask yourself, who wouldn't? Terrific artists to look up to.

Smith had no formal art training, prior to becoming a professional comic book artist. Considering his talent, I am in awe of the great style he has developed.  

Early on, Paul Smith worked as an animator, working on the animated The Lord of the Rings, produced and directed by the great Ralph Bakshi.

Paul first came to Marvel Comics, working on various Marvel titles, including Marvel Fanfare #4 and Doctor Strange #56. Smith drew a long run on the Uncanny X-Men, replacing Dave Cockrum. 

Paul penciling a short Daredevil story in Marvel Fanfare #1 (love that Michael Golden cover), and then writing & drawing a sequel to that Daredevil tale in Marvel Fanfare #60

Smith came back to the X-Men, drawing the X-Men / Alpha Flight limited series as well as a brief stint on X-Factor.

Paul's defining work came with The Golden Age & the young adults comic Leave It to Chance, both collaborations with writer James Robinson.

Smith produced artwork for First Comics, in American Flagg! & Nexus.

Paul worked on the Kitty Pryde: Shadow and Flame limited series written by Akira Yoshida and recently I've heard he's going to undertake a Phantom comic book, which I very much look forward to. 

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