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Gene Day began his career with Canadian underground and independent comics, for which he published the short-lived title Out of the Depths in 1974. 

He also penciled for Skywald's magazines Psycho and Nightmare at that same time period. 
In 1977 and 1978, Gene wrote & drew stories for Star*Reach (look at that gorgeous P. Craig Russell cover!)

 But for me, Day’s most impressive work began with his 7 years on Master of Kung Fu #76 by first working with Mike Zeck  It harkened back to the Paul Gulacy days (Doug Moench was still writing the series.) Gene began doing finished art over Zeck's breakdowns starting with issue #94 and became the series penciler from #102-120.

After having split the work with Zeck on the double-sized #100. Day inked Carmine Infantino on Marvel's Star Wars series, occasionally doing finished art over breakdowns, and penciling #68 (Feb.1983), which takes place on Boba Fett's ancestral homeworld. 

Day also had stints inking The Mighty Thor and Marvel Two-in-One featuring the Thing.

Day died of a coronary crossing a street in his hometown of Gananoque, Ontario

From 1985 to 1986, Renegade Press published Gene Day's Black Zeppelin, a 5 issue anthology series primarily featuring stories and painted covers Day completed before his death, as well new contributions by Dave Sim and Charles Vess

More of his work appeared posthumously in Day Brothers Presents, from Caliber Comics, which also featured the work of Day's comics-artist brothers, David Day and Dan Day.

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