Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Jim Steranko is my all-time favorite comic book artist.
Why? do you say.

One of his first works in comics was designing characters for Harvey Comics. He designed the character and hand (and first issue cover from what I understand) for one of my favorites when I was growing up, Spyman.


He became classic for his work on Nick Fury. Here's one of my favorite covers he did (for Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.)

He also came out with the famous Chandler graphic novel. It was printed in digest form as Fiction Illustrated, produced by Byron Preiss. I've always enjoyed the convenient format of the digest and his is one of my favorites. It was also published, although harder to find, in a larger, familiar graphic novel size. Chandler was the title used on that edition.

I just had to have the print he came out in remembrance of 9/11. It was a stunning Captain America piece available unsigned and signed. I sprung for the signed copy. I was fortunate to see the original painted used for the print. My wife saw it also, and loved it as much as I did.

At that time, I was at the only signing I've been to with Steranko. My wife and I were in line, Paul Gulacy (who I wasn't familiar with this face) was behind the table with Steranko. There was a young man in front of us with nothing in his hands to have signed, which we thought odd. But when he got to the table, he introduced himself to Steranko as Jim Steranko as well. He was his nephew and showed off his driver's license to prove it. It was so cool to see. They had a great moment together.

A few years later, at a Paul Gulacy signing, I was up the the front of the line when I heard him talking about that same story, from his perspective at the other side of the table. Wow, it truly is a small world.

I remember a time when Steranko had to sneak in a piece at the last minute to avoid editing. That was the case for the pop look of his story for Our Love Story #5.

It was an honor to have this book signed by Steranko, since no one had at that point.

Here's a recent photo of both Paul Gulacy (Left) and Jim Steranko (Right) for a Comic Con in Houston, along with historian J. David Spurlock (in the Middle.)

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