Tuesday, May 27, 2014


 Don Newton was a great comic book artist who's most notable works included The Phantom, Detective Comics and New Gods. He was a big fan of Batman, as reflective of his work and an even more of a Captain Marvel fan which he got to work on as well.

Don did a comic book strip in the fanzines called The Savage Earth for about three years. Through this he was able to get onto Charlton Comics and work on The Phantom. My favorite cover was to the last issue of the series.

From there, Don went to work for Marvel working on some of their magazines. His cover for the Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction Annual #1 was awesome, a grabber.

DC Special #28 was the first DC comic book Don worked on, featuring Aquaman, inked by legendary Dan Adkins. He co-created Star Hunters while he worked on New Gods. It was after that when he was able to work on Captain Marvel for about five years.

From there, he went on to Batman #305. He and Denny O'Neil co-created Maxie Zeus in Detective Comics #483 and produced a story in Detective Comics #485 killing off Batwoman by the League of Assassins.

Don Newton went back to Marvel Comics and worked on The Avengers in order to draw Captain America.

Don went back to DC Comics and drew Green Lantern and the first appearance of Jason Todd in Batman #357. Infinity Inc #13 turned out to be his last work. It was during this time he suffered a heart attack and was taken from us too soon, at the age of 48. Recently, DC came out with the Trade Paperback edition of Tales of the Batman: Don Newton. It was a pleasure to come across this since I missed the Hardcover edition from 2011.

DonNewton.com features is a great source on the art of Don Newton.

Thank you for your time and be sure to look up this fabulous comic book artist.


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