Friday, May 30, 2014


Of the more current stable of comic book artists, I enjoy Stephen Platt's work!!!

During his tenure as a comic book artist, Stephen Platt has worked with Marvel on Moon Knight & Cable and with Image on Prophet, Supreme & Fighting American

Moon Knight was his first prominate work for Marvel Comics and where he grabbed my attention. I loved it!!! How can you go wrong with an artist who cites his influences as Mobius, Phillipe Druillet, Jeff Jones & Frank Miller?

For Image Comics, Stephen worked on Prophet, Fighting American (with Jim Starlin) and Supreme (with Alan Moore.) He produced some stunning artwork. The dynamic action leaped off the page.

His own personal endevour was Soul Saga. Platt's creator-owned title was taking his work to the next level.

Stephen departed comic books for awhile to pursue work in the movies and he worked on some good ones. Iron Man, The Fog and Day the Earth Stood Still his most prominent ones.

More recently, Platt has done variant covers for DC & Marvel.

I've enjoyed his dynamic work for some time now and continue to look for his great work. 

Thank you.

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