Thursday, May 29, 2014


Paul Gulacy continues to amaze me as a terrific comic book artist. I follow him diligently, especially through his web site ( containing a vast array of his work. 

Paul began with Adventures into Fear #20 with Morbius, onto inking Daredevil #108 to begin his fabulous artwork on Master of Kung Fu #18 with Doug Moench.

A lot of his work has not only been in comic books, but a well diverse array of covers. Paul also worked on Don McGregor's amazing book Dragonflame. If you haven't read it, search it out right now, you're in for a treat.

Also with Don McGregor, Gulacy worked on Sabre. Previewed in Heavy Metal Volume 2, #2, Sabre was one of the first Graphic Novels and went on to become an Eclipse series that showcased great Billy Graham art.

He worked for a wide variety of publishers such as Marvel (Master of Kung Fu, Six from Sirius, Coldblooded, Rawhide Kid & a Conan Graphic Novel,) DC (Batman, Catwoman, Reload with Warren Ellis, Slash Maraud & SCI-Spy,) Dark Horse (Nexus, Star Wars: Crimson Empire, James Bond: Serpent's Tooth & Terminator: Secondary Objectives,) Valiant (Grackle, Turok, Eternal Warrior & Timewalker,) Radical (Time Bomb with Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray,) Warren (Eerie & Vampirella,) and even Penthouse on their OMNI Comix featuring T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (with a stunning Rich Corben and Mark Texeira cover.)

Paul's fine collection of work on Valkyrie most recently sported a awesome Jim Steranko cover, who he first imitated before shortly developing his dynamic style which continues to evolve by leaps and bounds.

Gulacy's fabulous work is showcased in a great hardback, Spies, Vixens and Master of Kung Fu: The Art of Paul Gulacy, you simply have to have if you possess any level of interest in his work. It's available from those masters at Vanguard Press.

My hope is that Marvel will come out with a Masterworks series of Master of Kung Fu. A collection of that series is sorely needed. I mean, you have Steve Englehart, Jim Starlin, Doug Moench, Paul Gulacy, Mike Zeck and Gene Day featured!

It's good to dream!

Thank you.

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