Tuesday, May 13, 2014

One of The Prisoner Comics That Was Not to Appear !!!

Here's where it all started for me for a number of years. I was not aware of further pages of the comic produced, much less available or in print.

Then Heritage had an auction for a number of the pages Gil Kane did for the comic. Still, there were only a few more pages shown, leaving me wanting more. It drove me crazy. I'm a nut for The Prisoner TV series and a comic was the chance to live on with the excitement.

I loved Gil Kane doing the artwork while Steve Englehart handled the scripting. I enjoyed the works Englehart did, Avengers, Point Man, he was great not only in comics but writing novels as well.

Now were were moving, I had 4 or 5 pages of art to enjoy. But how many had been drawn. Little did I know that there was a full comic drawn. Not only that, but just a few months ago, I found the script to go along with the artwork. I was ecstatic. Since my blog deals with comic books, a huge passion of mine, especially Silver and Bronze Age I could merge that with my all time favorite TV series.

Okay, I do want to get something posted today, so I will be continuing this blog tomorrow.
I appreciate your patience and live large.

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