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Several issues of the King Comics Flash Gordon series were drawn by Al Williamson, who won the 1966 National Cartoonists Society Award for Best Comic Book for his work on the series. Williamson later said, "I was paying homage to Alex (Raymond), you know. I tried to treat his creation with respect and dignity and tried to do it to the best of my ability. I find that other artists who have done Flash Gordon just don't seem to get the feeling of the strip, you know. Flash is a noble guy and it's kind of nice to have that kind of a hero." King also released a comic version in their Comics Reading Library from the '70s.

Pat Boyette contributed to many issues of The Phantom comic book as well.
Pat Boyette art from The Phantom #49.

Pat Boyette art from Phantom #59.

Most important in my day, were the oustanding Flash Gordon comic books featured in King Comics #1–11 (1966–1967) (also in Phantom #18–20) moving on to Charlton Comics #12–18 (1969–1970) rounding out with Gold Key Comics #19–27 (1978–1979) and wrapping up with Whitman Comics #28–37 (1980–1982.) It was a great time to be reading comics. 

In 2010, Dark Horse Comics began an outstanding reprint series in hardback, starting with Flash Gordon Comic-Book Archives Volume 1, covering the original comics published by Dell. Volume 2 covers the comics published by King Comics. Volume 3 covers the comics published by Charlton Comics. Volume 4 covers the comics published by Gold Key Comics, and Volume 5 covers the comics published by Whitman Comics. They brought back the fun and excitement reading Flash Gordon comics from the sixties to the eighties. 

(On The Planet Mongo) Flash Gordon #17  The Creeping Menace!
Cover art by Pat Boyette.
"The Creeping Menace"
Dawn brings panic to an Alanian patrol at the sight of the grotesque silhouette that dominates the lavender sunrise...heralding the coming of...The Creeping Menace. Flash and Zarkov are summoned to the Defense Council immediately.  
Art by Pat Boyette.
"Cable Car Catastrophe" 
Death Defiler (John Allen Wallington) one page text story.
"The Deep Damp"
Brick Bradford (known as Tom Trick in Norway) by Paul Norris.
"The Intruder"
One moment the sky was empty and then the next - that thing appeared to attack a startled Alania. Flash is swift to attack, but his attack is reflected back on the city. 
Art by Pat Boyette.

The two Flash Gordon stories here, were reprinted in Dark Horse's Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Volume 3. There are even ads reprinted from the original comic books throughout the book.

Sorry to say we have only one issue left to feature, from the Charlton Comics Flash Gordon series. But there were plenty of great stories to be told in the Gold Key/Whitman comic book run. Not to overlook the great adaptation of the motion picture. 

Foreign editions of Flash Gordon #17.
Live Large My Friends!

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Came across this Jeff Jones gem, not sure if this Flash Gordon was published or not. 

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  1. "Flash Gordon faces Reality" appeared in Doug Murray's 1972 fanzine Heritage, alongside the Kaluta story you posted a couple of months back. Lots of great work in there by other artists, too.