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Sarge first appeared in his own title, Sarge Steel #1. His title would last until #8, at which point it was retitled Secret Agent but cancelled with #10. After that, his series continued as a back-up in Judomaster #91-98 (the stories in #91-96 fit in the year-long hiatus between issues #9 & #10, as all his stories are listed as 'File #xxx'). Sarge Steel also appeared in short spots on self-defense in Fightin' 5 #34 & 37 and in the Sentinels stories in Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt #57 & 58, as their CIA contact.

His primary enemies included characters like "The Lynx," "Ivan Crunch," "Smiling Skull" (a Nazi villain who fought Judomaster during World War II), Werner Von Wess, Mr. Ize and others.

Sweet jet plane by Dick Giordano.

Sarge Steel #7 Special Agent  "I'm...I'm shot! I...Ugh!"
Dick Giordano cover, taken from interior splash.
"File #107 The Day They Killed Sarge Steel"
The top agents from around the world are being assassinated by P.O.W. (Prosecutors Of the World). Sarge Steel and a beautiful French agent fake their own deaths to get the upper hand and put P.O.W. out of business.
Written by Joe Gill with art by Dick Giordano (great to see him back for the artwork.)
Story told in three parts. 
"The Gift Of Two Deaths"
One page text story. 
"Part II Live Bait In The Shark Tank"
The C.I.A. arranges for the Air Force deliver Sarge Steel wherever he wants to go.
Written by Joe Gill with art by Dick Giordano.
"Part III The Murder School"
POW's executioner misses with the first shot...and Sarge Steel was too close for him to miss again.
Written by Joe (Yang) Gill with art by Dick (Stephanie Starr) Giordano.
"Sport of Judo" 
Sarge Steel demonstrates various martial arts moves.
Written & illustrated by Frank (Thunderbolt) McLaughlin.

Portions of the issue were reprinted in Amazing Stories of Suspense #70, a UK comic. I still think the Sarge Steel material should be reprinted, a nice hardcover would be great. Perhaps include Judomaster, Son of Vulcan & Thunderbolt as well, a variation on what was done with the other Charlton Action Heroes. Come on DC!

The one page text story from this issue.
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Some of my favorite representations of Dick Giordano's artwork.

He really knew how to draw a car!


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  1. Every time I see that Eclipse reprint of the StarReach Stephanie Starr tale, I cringe at the censorship of Giordano's art.